Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Sisterly bonded

I knew something was wrong when Aisyah's mood changed all of a sudden just before dinner.

I tried making her laugh. But she just seemed more upset.

While seated at the dining table for our dinner, that was when her tears bursted.

All because she was missing her big sister who was not there with us tonight .

Her kakak is away for a 3 days and 2 nights school trip in Bogor. And tonight is the first night..

I had expected this to happened. But i thought it will come first from my youngest child Alya. It happened during last year when Arissa was the school trip for Year 4. Alya was missing her big sister most of the time .

Thus, seeing it coming from Aisyah was just a bit of shocked for me..I knew it is coming.

My girls are closed with one another. So are them with us..

And tonight as I tucked Aisyah into bed, alhamdulillah she is ok with the notion of her sleeping alone by herself.
Together with Alya, we lay down Aisyah's bed while reciting the usual surahs and prayers. And she asked me to leave the staircase light on.

First night is almost done. Second night is left. Is mama all ok with this trip so far..?

Well, the house seemed quiet than usual.

Of course there is this strange level of emptiness and quietness that I feel since this morning after my eldest is gone.

But i guess all the house chores and with Alya feeling unwell this morning, i kinda sort of get used to it..

There is always something to be done when you still have others to be taken care off.. Maybe things would be diffèrent when all my girls are like birds who have left its nest ..

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