Monday, 22 October 2007

Raya 2007

Somehow this year raya mood was a bit gloomy from last year. Of course we did keep a happy face when in front of others but nobody knows what the heart is filling inside each of my husband's family members and my sides too.
My hubby lost his 2nd bro to cancer late March this year. And my father lost his mother to cancer too on Friday 5th Oct 2007. My late BIL was 33 years old . While my late grandma was 70 plus years old. Both never shown any early signs of cancer. It came in a second just like that. It's hard to lose someone in a matter of less than 5 days after the 1st diagnose. Both of them died immediately after the medical reports were out.
All these things make me think that anything can be taken from us in short span of time. From a healthy body to illness, from living to death. From a happy marriage to a broken one.

This year I dare not to comment much about my MIL raya cookies & morning raya food spread. Some of the food was my late BIL's fav food. Only him who likes to eat dates rolls. And even when he is gone, my MIL still baked it. I dont know how his wife handle it when it comes to fast food. Both of them love eating fast food.

This Raya too brought new changes to my daughter who suddenly enjoy having her photos taken. It must be the camera handphone thing and the digital camera too. She likes to see her photos immediately after it was snapped. So easy to ask her to smile and pose in front of a camera. She herself will decide on how to pose for that snap. Doesn't matter if it was a camera handphone or digital camera, she will bug you all the time. And that was what happened to my brother and my nephew & niece . We were at my MIL's besan's house for jalan raya. As we bid farewell to everyone , Arissa asked two of her cousins who have camera handphones to take her photo. Each one of them had to use their own handphones to take the picture. Only after it was done, did she is finally happy to say goodbye.

I think most of us have started working today. So, have a good day at the office and happy fasting to those yang puasa enam.

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

my missing other half

I'm a single parent this week as hubby is away on his business trip. So u can imagine the loneliness, boredom of not having your soulmate next to you at nite.. I even dont have the mood to buy juadah berbuka posa as it is only me & my maid who will be breaking fast . It's a different feeling when hubby is around as I would be eager to buy some of his favourite berbuka puasa food from the bazar ramadhan. It's not a must to have rice dishes for fast breaking for my family as hubby prefers eating other non-rice dishes such as roti boom, kebab, mee, mee hoon, pizza, fast food and whatever la..
( i'm back at my own house since last week as my MIL has to take care of my BIL's two children . Both he & my SIL are away in UK now. We will be staying back with my MIL for one week till raya , starting this coming Sunday )

Talked about bazar food, i wanna share with you all some delicious food and drinks that i've tasted throughout this fasting month. For those who likes to drink air mata kucing, the best stall will be at Bazar setiawangsa. The owner use gula merah/melaka and not the normal white sugar k . That's the reason too why the air mata kucing is darker than the other stalls. And this too was confirmed by my number one food critic i.e my hubby. Those who knows my hubby will definetely trust my hubby's critics when it comes to food. I guess that is what u will get or become when u grew up with a mom who is cikgu sains rumah tangga. ops,,,sorry for the long diversions or short iklan ni ok! Back to the air mata kucing story. Which stalls? Well, try to look at the stall that is on the lower bottom of the hilly road. If you r coming from the higher part of the road, the stall will be on your right as u r walking down .

Another delicious food is the kuih putu piring. There is only one stall selling this kuih. 3 pieces for RM1 . The ikan bakar there too is mmmmmm. try to look for this stall that will have people queing up in front of it. Other food is not so good.Even the nasi kerabu from 2 stalls are tak sedap lansung. The roti boom is way to expensive and big too. Maybe that is why they are selling it for RM0.80 cents per piece. Even the ayam percik are expensive i.e RM3.50 per pieces. U cant get it at RM 2 for the same size of ayam percik at Bazar Melawati . The one next to MRR2 .

At bazar Melawati, the best murtabak will be this husband&wife stall with one helper only. Their stall is located as the same lane as the buziest ikan bakar stall, just in front of the parking lot where u can get lori sewa services. Last Ramadan this stall sold roti boom which was the best one. They make the mutabak filling by batches and the main filling i.e meat looks like a rendang a bit. U can see it from the stall . The best sate stalls is the sate panglima as printed on their small signboard. We have tried others sate in the same bazar but this one is the best as the meat is marinated perfectly. Others seems like is marinated with kunyit only. My 2 year old daughter pun can tell which sate is tasty . Sate is her latest fav food . She will be asking for sate day & nite. But of course la we dont give in to her wants everyday. I normally buy sate every after 3 days. So I had to look for the best one as she wont eat it if it's not tasty. For those living in Bandar kinrara, try looking for this one sate stall at the bazar ramadan near I&P office . The peanut gravy & sate meat is just perfect & mmmmmm!

I guess it pays to really look at details when finding good food at bazar ramadan as some of the food sellers are just like 'mcm cendawan yang tumbuh selepas hujan". I hate it when the food that I bought did'nt worth the amount I paid. Like for malay kuih mueh, some are just pretty to look but lacking in taste. Thank God I can get my kuih mueh from felda cafe. yes, the same kuih that u guys will be eating at dewan perdana Felda if ure breaking fast there.

So what shall I have for buka posa today? I had keros kebab and some kuih mueh yesteday. I really have no mood to buy food when hubby is not around. Maybe a slice of tiramisu from Sun moulin bakery KLCC outlet perhaps..

Monday, 1 October 2007

server down

Actually my nawaitu this morning is to do my job ..But I can't as the network server is down .Thus I can't download my bank statements from Maybank desktop . How come I can surf the net lak? I think there's a problem with the Maybank server kot.. This week is again a busy week for me as we will be doing the monthly account closing which has to be completed before Raya .. Eeee! I just hope everything will be ok la.. Most of my finance collegues are outstationed for quarterly stocktake . Left only me, my boss & one clerk... Why I'm not outhere doing stocktake? Well, eversince I gave birth, I have been excluded from all outstationed work. Somehow , my boss understand the need of me being at home with my lil baby.. Not that I don't want to go or complaining. But I'm thankful for this exclusion also.

Before Arissa came along into my life, I never failed to join any company's trips or functions or go outstation. Alhamdulillah, hubby was supportive & gave his blessing. In fact, my last company's trip was when I was 3 months pregnant. There was an anual company's games at JB. I wanted to go as my pregnancy was ok . No morning sickness ma!

Do I miss being going oustations? Not actually. Maybe because I'm done with all that before Arissa came along. The only thing I miss sometimes is berbuka posa kat luar.. I used to attend most of my company's bebuka posa kat various hotels in KL. Yeah, talk about the mouthwatering hotel food for buka posa ..I dont really go for malay food when eating out with my company as we can always get it from any food stalls outthere. But fusion food, Japanese food, & whatever non malaysian food, that I really go all out. Dont worry, I dont pile up my food so much in one plate. I hate seeing people piling up food so much in their plate and then didn't finished eating all of it.. It's good too when some hotels or restaurants charge for this food wastage.. Unless u dont mind paying for it la..