Monday, 1 October 2007

server down

Actually my nawaitu this morning is to do my job ..But I can't as the network server is down .Thus I can't download my bank statements from Maybank desktop . How come I can surf the net lak? I think there's a problem with the Maybank server kot.. This week is again a busy week for me as we will be doing the monthly account closing which has to be completed before Raya .. Eeee! I just hope everything will be ok la.. Most of my finance collegues are outstationed for quarterly stocktake . Left only me, my boss & one clerk... Why I'm not outhere doing stocktake? Well, eversince I gave birth, I have been excluded from all outstationed work. Somehow , my boss understand the need of me being at home with my lil baby.. Not that I don't want to go or complaining. But I'm thankful for this exclusion also.

Before Arissa came along into my life, I never failed to join any company's trips or functions or go outstation. Alhamdulillah, hubby was supportive & gave his blessing. In fact, my last company's trip was when I was 3 months pregnant. There was an anual company's games at JB. I wanted to go as my pregnancy was ok . No morning sickness ma!

Do I miss being going oustations? Not actually. Maybe because I'm done with all that before Arissa came along. The only thing I miss sometimes is berbuka posa kat luar.. I used to attend most of my company's bebuka posa kat various hotels in KL. Yeah, talk about the mouthwatering hotel food for buka posa ..I dont really go for malay food when eating out with my company as we can always get it from any food stalls outthere. But fusion food, Japanese food, & whatever non malaysian food, that I really go all out. Dont worry, I dont pile up my food so much in one plate. I hate seeing people piling up food so much in their plate and then didn't finished eating all of it.. It's good too when some hotels or restaurants charge for this food wastage.. Unless u dont mind paying for it la..

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