Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Copy Cat

Thesedays, me & my hubby have our very own copy cat. Who else but our daughter Arissa. She likes to imitate whatever we are saying during most of our talks. Actully this act has started a long time ago . A time when she could only make sounds. She will laugh when we are laughing over something. And we will find ourseves laughing at her over this. I guess, maybe she didn't want to be left out from our conversation. But then, there's one thing that always sparks curiousity in me. She always seems to know that we are talking about her. How does she knows? well, all of sudden she make a sound or thesedays, utters some words that relates to our talk. For example, my MIL was telling us how Arissa cried looking for her missing tuk ummi who had gone out shopping. As my MIL was telling us the story, Arissa will chipped into our conversation by making the crying sound. And then she will said that she cried looking for her tuk ummi.

And this Lil Angle will repeat after whatever words we are using. I was in the kicthen washing my hands after dinner one nite when I heard someone calling me Y@ng. My hubby told me then, that Arissa heard him calling me by that name . So Arissa found it amusing that she too wanted to call me by that name.. And I found her smiling when she's saying it.

I have informed my maid to be careful with her words especially infront of Arissa. Just the other day, my maid refered my MIL's chinese neighbour as c!n@. In a matter of 2nds , Arissa who was there with me & my maid, uttered the same word. I quickly told Arissa that is not the right way to refer to that neighbour. Told her to say "uncle" which she went on to repeat it several times... But that vocab of "c!n@" is still in her memory as I heard her saying it yesterday...

When she talks, she will do it with a very strong facial expression. My mom always tells me how she likes seeing the way Arissa talks. The eyes, the head, the hands, all talk when she is talking to you.. Most of the times, u can't help not to be amused by this..

As her vocabs increased tremendously thesedays, the more challenging it is for me & hubby to talk her out from doing or wanting something... Tapi alhamdulillah, she is able to comprehend and understand to what ever we are saying to her so far..

She likes going to the park. Before this,to her any time of the day is a good time to go to the park. But she finally understand that it's not the good time to go to the park when it is a hot day. It will be her telling me " Mama, hot day!. Can not go to park"

All these new development in her makes me eager to know how my next 2nd, 3rd or 4th or 5th child will be. It's a wonderful, exciting, educational and enriching experience watching one child grow from baby to toddler and so forth.

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