Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Back to gym life

Don't know why I didn't start hitting the gym back when Alya was in FS ..

It took me 3 years to enrol myself again as gym member..

I have always enjoy doing the aerobic and cardiovascular classes. .those day my choice is limited as I were only be able to do it after office hours..wait! Actually more of only when my work is done which could be at 6 pm..

So since January this year , I have been going to the gym and doing all the classes that I can..

And wow!! The feeling of doing those zumba, RPM, body combat, yoga , fast fit was sureal. ..

I enjoyed every minutes of it..

And now I am worried of having to miss these classes during that 1 week of CNY school break..I will be in KL ma. .

Did strong Zumba and Fast fit which was awesome. .had me looking forward to my class this week. .

These days my life in the morning just before I need to pick up my gorgeous girls from school after 2 pm daily, it is sandwich with groceries at pasar and supermarket, gym and my kelas pengajian 2x a week. .

Alhamdulillah for the reliable house helper that I have ..just need to tell what dishes to cook or prepared the bumbu for me to cook


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Routines after gym

This was a story when I was single .
This was a story when I living in Fajaria apartment in Jalan Pantai Bahru KL.

So single and free and dating..and working out after work at gym in KLCC or doing jogging or walking at KLCC park.

So carefree lifestyles.

Actually my light lunch of tuna sandwiches reminded me of that lifestyle.

How easy it was to buy dinner food after workout. And if I wasn't into light dinner, then there is the juice stalls Booster that I used to stop and buy my juice.

Normally by 730 I was alr

One of my office collegue will drop me off at the station after work. I don't drive to work as LRT station is just behind my apartments. And there is an LRT station near my old office. So

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Monday, 21 August 2017

Being a mom

So we are back in JAKARTA after long summer holidays. .

And back to my routines.

And came back with more determination to lose some weight.

Talking about losing weight, it's easy when you have the knowledge of what's and why's of good eating habits.

Did my full health screening last month. Talked to a dietitian as it was part of the package.

Must say that I am glad and thankful for the results.

Have to credit this to my hubby. He has been constantly reminding me and sharing with me good eating habits.. also to exercises. .which I still have not start going to the gym..

Seeing the dietitian left a big impact on myself..I can only say it motivates me to watch what I eat ..and portion is important.

And being me who loves eating, this is helpful..I get to enjoy what I eat but with the right portion.

The tips is , be aware of what u eat at meals time. This will help you to decide what food u can eat for snack . Should u be hungry between the main meals. Go for smaller portion. And yes, lotsa water too.

When you watch and aware what carbo or protein or sugary or salty food that you had eaten , then losing weight will be easier.

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