Friday, 11 December 2009

Playtex One Step Breast Milk Storage Kit

This is a very much delayed entry that I have promised myself to share it with other breastfeeding mommies. I don't mind if others have known this beneficial method before me. Deep down inside I just wanna share my new found short cut in handling expressed breastmilk @ EBM..

This 2nd time around with breastfeeding Aisyah, I wanted to find the simplest and quickest way to express and store my EBM. I wanted to cut down my time in expressing EBM at office . We all know how important it is to spend less amount of time in the office for BM expression. And we all know that having double breastpumps have tremendously help us to express more milk compare to single breastpump. How each drop of that gold liquid is so precious that it's normal to see us crying when we accidently drop EBM on the floor..hehehheh..

Thus, I took my chances after thorough research when I purchased Playtex One Step Breast Milk Storage Kit online. And guess what, I hit the jackpot!

By using Playtex One Step Breast Milk Storage Kit , i can express BM directly to playtex bottle liner/milk bags. Yeah! Not into bottles ok.. With that, this means less items to be washed after expressing my BM. I know that most of us expressed our BM into bottles. This is if we are not using Avent products.

So how I managed to do this? Well, the Playtex One Step Breast Milk Storage Kit comes with an adapter rings. Without this vital item, there's no way i can pump my milk into the milk bag.

But what about for avent via cup user and bottles? All breastpump is meant for normal standard neck and not for the wide next bottles. Don't worry about this either. I found the solution for it. Just get spectra wide neck converter. And voila ! U can know use your wide neck bottles & avent via cups to store your milk.

Currently I'm using Ameda Lactaline double breastpumps. And expressing BM at office is a breeze thesedays eversince I used the playtex adapter.

Sorry to mention this. But we can only buy this from overseas online shop. I didn't come across any local online shops that sell this playtex adapter. The cheapest online shop plus delivery cost was from ...

One down. More others to go know..hehhe..

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Gossip Girls

Is it me or it is really not the norm?

Remember how hooked i am with One Tree Hill? And now with Gossip Girls pulak? Well, watching one of its episodes last week got me craving for more this week. And yeah, I watched it last night. Got scolded by dearest hubby for still wanting to watch it as i'm supposed to be in bed sleeping . It's me who told him how sleepy i was last night in the 1st place.. But no...Once I saw the show on the telly, my mind just perks up..hahahhah..

What crossed my mind is that are there other women like me ( in the same age group) who are happily married and blessed with lovely children who are still into those kind of tv shows/dramas ie One tree Hill and Gossip Girls? Aren't those meant for younger womaen aged below 25?

I do hope there are others like me outthere..Watching these tv shows just makes me feel happy. And there's a young good feeling too blooming inside of me when i watch it. Of course one watches a certain kind of movies or tv soap dramas/shows beacuse they can feel the connection of themselves and the story line/plot. Not only that, it reminds you of what u went through during your teen life or in that certain phases of your life. I honestly don't think one will continue watching the shows if they don't feel the connection.

Another thing that crossed my mind, will by watching these movies/shows one can look young? I mean there are people outthere who look young no matter what age group they are in. Is there any hidden tricks ke?

We all know that to look and stay young ones needs to feel & think young at heart too.. Of course u need to watch out your food intake too and lead a healthy lifestyle too. But by any chance, one can look young by continue enjoying watching these tv shows like one-tree-hill & gossip girls?

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Demand driven. Not product driven

That phrases caught my eyes a few minutes ago as I was browing through online baby shop.

It's about products that can help to increase and boost breastmilk production for breastfeeding mothers. We all know how stressful it can be when it comes to depleting breastmilk stocks. So many stories too we often heard about breastfeeding mommies trying so many ways to increase their milk production in hope increasing the EBM stocks too.

Those sentences are just so true. And every breastfeeding mommies should have known it by heart.

Breastfeeding production is all about stimulation . Lack of stimulation in the form of baby's sucking will slow down breastmilk production.And everyone thought that expressing the breastmilk is good enough to maintain one's breastmilk supplies. How so wrong they are..

What is needed to increase breastmilk production is frequent breastfeeding.And by this i mean breastfeeding your baby as often as u can and on demand too.. And don't forget the 2 hours gap between feedings. Frequent breastfeeding will means more stimulation that is needed for breastmilk productions. Sorry to say that this form of stimulation can only be rightly achieved when your baby sucks your nipple during breastfeeding.

So less breastfeeding session will only means less stimulation.Less stimulations will bring down breastmilk production. And in the end, depleting EBM stocks.. And when this happen, chaos la..

Which is why I don't see and think myself as one lucky breastfeeding mother. Almost every single woman whom i told that my baby girl only wake up a after 6 am for her feeding will say that I'm so lucky. So lucky for that my sleep at night is not interrupted by night feeding.

The thing is about my baby girl is that she normally stock up ie will want to be breastfeed as often as she likes too prior to her bedtime. Thus, she will only go to sleep if her tummy is fulled with milk. Mind u ladies, I don't offer her comfort feeding.

Once she is asleep, she won't be waking up till after 6 am. And even if she wakes up after 6 am , she is contented to suck her little fingers thesedays. Alhamdulillah, I will somehow be awake ( no matter what time it is during the night) a few seconds before she wants to be feed.

So what with the fuss? The big fuss & worries is, I need my feeding. I need that frequent breastfeeding with my baby girl. I need that stimulation. Without that stimulation , how am i to maintain my breastmilk production.I'm a working mother . And I only get to breastfeed her at whatever time i can reach home safely and earliest.

I haven't resorted to taking any PIL ASI or those food that can help increase milk production. Somehow, my production have been just enough for Lil B consumptions. But I am so relieve and thankful that i started early on EBM stocking.This is one thing that i was slow during my eldest daughter breastfeeding time. I guess that has help a lot in maintaining adequate EBM supplies for my 2nd girl.

Stress? A bit.But i try not to be so stress on this EBM stock things. Most of the time, i only pray that it is enough for my baby girl.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Small red sock. Big red sock

Christmas came early for me. As a matter of fact , my santa claus aka my dearest hubby came back safely yesterday though he is still very jet lag till today.

Yeah! he came back with all Oxford street goodies. Mind u, my hubby didn't la shop at those mahal2 kedai... He had to stay there as big boss likes the place. One doesn't need to shop at high end shops to get good quality goods. So long ones have an eagle eyes , he/she will managed to get a good run for her/his money..

Thus, imagine buying nicely working pants & shirts at 3 pound? Crazy kan.. Plus the pants come with belt too.. hehehehhehh

I am one happy woman....So is Arissa.