Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Gossip Girls

Is it me or it is really not the norm?

Remember how hooked i am with One Tree Hill? And now with Gossip Girls pulak? Well, watching one of its episodes last week got me craving for more this week. And yeah, I watched it last night. Got scolded by dearest hubby for still wanting to watch it as i'm supposed to be in bed sleeping . It's me who told him how sleepy i was last night in the 1st place.. But no...Once I saw the show on the telly, my mind just perks up..hahahhah..

What crossed my mind is that are there other women like me ( in the same age group) who are happily married and blessed with lovely children who are still into those kind of tv shows/dramas ie One tree Hill and Gossip Girls? Aren't those meant for younger womaen aged below 25?

I do hope there are others like me outthere..Watching these tv shows just makes me feel happy. And there's a young good feeling too blooming inside of me when i watch it. Of course one watches a certain kind of movies or tv soap dramas/shows beacuse they can feel the connection of themselves and the story line/plot. Not only that, it reminds you of what u went through during your teen life or in that certain phases of your life. I honestly don't think one will continue watching the shows if they don't feel the connection.

Another thing that crossed my mind, will by watching these movies/shows one can look young? I mean there are people outthere who look young no matter what age group they are in. Is there any hidden tricks ke?

We all know that to look and stay young ones needs to feel & think young at heart too.. Of course u need to watch out your food intake too and lead a healthy lifestyle too. But by any chance, one can look young by continue enjoying watching these tv shows like one-tree-hill & gossip girls?



hie there!

i was blog-hopping and stumbled upon yours.

you are not alone. i'm 33 and i'm insanely crazy about one tree hill (lucas especially) and gossip girl. in fact, i watch all teenage shows out there and simply can't wait for 90210 tonight.

call me crazy but it makes my heart younger than my age and i like that. plus, i could relate to some if not all that these characters are going through.

so go ahead and enjoy these shows while you can. they're a good dose for your young soul ;)

emly2175 said...

Nora: hiiee! Thanks for reading my entry..heheheh..So i am not alone!