Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Demand driven. Not product driven

That phrases caught my eyes a few minutes ago as I was browing through online baby shop.

It's about products that can help to increase and boost breastmilk production for breastfeeding mothers. We all know how stressful it can be when it comes to depleting breastmilk stocks. So many stories too we often heard about breastfeeding mommies trying so many ways to increase their milk production in hope increasing the EBM stocks too.

Those sentences are just so true. And every breastfeeding mommies should have known it by heart.

Breastfeeding production is all about stimulation . Lack of stimulation in the form of baby's sucking will slow down breastmilk production.And everyone thought that expressing the breastmilk is good enough to maintain one's breastmilk supplies. How so wrong they are..

What is needed to increase breastmilk production is frequent breastfeeding.And by this i mean breastfeeding your baby as often as u can and on demand too.. And don't forget the 2 hours gap between feedings. Frequent breastfeeding will means more stimulation that is needed for breastmilk productions. Sorry to say that this form of stimulation can only be rightly achieved when your baby sucks your nipple during breastfeeding.

So less breastfeeding session will only means less stimulation.Less stimulations will bring down breastmilk production. And in the end, depleting EBM stocks.. And when this happen, chaos la..

Which is why I don't see and think myself as one lucky breastfeeding mother. Almost every single woman whom i told that my baby girl only wake up a after 6 am for her feeding will say that I'm so lucky. So lucky for that my sleep at night is not interrupted by night feeding.

The thing is about my baby girl is that she normally stock up ie will want to be breastfeed as often as she likes too prior to her bedtime. Thus, she will only go to sleep if her tummy is fulled with milk. Mind u ladies, I don't offer her comfort feeding.

Once she is asleep, she won't be waking up till after 6 am. And even if she wakes up after 6 am , she is contented to suck her little fingers thesedays. Alhamdulillah, I will somehow be awake ( no matter what time it is during the night) a few seconds before she wants to be feed.

So what with the fuss? The big fuss & worries is, I need my feeding. I need that frequent breastfeeding with my baby girl. I need that stimulation. Without that stimulation , how am i to maintain my breastmilk production.I'm a working mother . And I only get to breastfeed her at whatever time i can reach home safely and earliest.

I haven't resorted to taking any PIL ASI or those food that can help increase milk production. Somehow, my production have been just enough for Lil B consumptions. But I am so relieve and thankful that i started early on EBM stocking.This is one thing that i was slow during my eldest daughter breastfeeding time. I guess that has help a lot in maintaining adequate EBM supplies for my 2nd girl.

Stress? A bit.But i try not to be so stress on this EBM stock things. Most of the time, i only pray that it is enough for my baby girl.


Konot said...

u may want to pump in the middle of the nite... just to keep on with the stimulation.. tapi kena bangun malam la...

btw i am now relying heavily on fenugreek pills.. mmg works for me!

emly2175 said...

Konot: that's the most malas part of me now..yelah, coz i'm so cozy of not having the need to feed my baby at after 12 am.. anyway,i'll resort to that once i see those sign of my milk depleting..