Friday, 4 July 2014

Our 3rd ramadan

Actually it's the 2nd ramadan that I am here fasting. This is because last year me and the girls fast in kinrara as Alya had her operation.

Nevertheless, Alhamdulillah me and my girls get to fast with their baba.

And being away from malaysia especially during this ramadan, it also means no bazar ramadan for us..huhu..

It's not like I didnt cooked at all . I still have to cook dishes for sahur. Arissa eat nasi and lauk for sahur and buka puasa. Which is good for her so that she wont be weak ..

As for me and hubby, we like to eat none of that nasi and lauk for buka puasa..

So since there is no bazar ramadan here, I have as the CEO of the kitchen, needs to cook what ever dishes we are craving...

Thank goodness, I can get kueh buah melaka or kelompang, ketayap or kueh koci from my pasar moderan...

Alhamdulillah also, even though we dont have air mata kucing and all those endless colourfull drinks ( actually I only like buying air kelapa muda and mata kucing) , we like jus mentimun and air buah's as refreshing as our air kelapa muda too.. here, one needs to be carefull when buying air kelapa muda from the street. Hygiene matters..

Ops...need to pick up my two big A's from school..

Alhamdulillah. Arissa is still fasting..

Closure of 2013-2014 academic year

"Please do keep in touch.  Good

luck next year, the children will fly,

and if you are moving, good luck with the move, an exciting but

stressful time I know.  Once it all settles we will all look back at

this year and cannot help but smile and laugh at all the memorable

moments that made up this year."

This was taken from Aisyah's teacher's email Ms Jeanette Sy.  The last sentence was hit me hard that it's like reading a novel or like it came from a movie.

I hate last day of school. I hate hearing and knowing people that I always see each day at school leaving for another country.  I just dont like it.

And today, it hit me really hard that my eyes were wet suddenly when I said and hug farewell to Aisyah's teacher. It was so over whelming. 

Maybe because she had been a very passionate and dedicated teacher. I saw how Aisyah made amazing development in her learnings and also social skills. 

Imagine one teacher having the responsibility to teach 20 students reading skills using phonetic ..It's one tough job in making the kids to sit down and stay in focus and attention in reading.

Early this year we were amazed when we see Aisyah can read. And the progress she made was so amazing. Alhamdulillah. 

Another thing that amazed me when it comes to education system at BIS FOundation Stage is the 1-1 teaching concept.

This I noticed whenever I am at Aisyah's class. Be it morning before the class starts at 8 am or during school time, I noticed how Ms Sy was always with a kid teaching using 1-1 concept.

Back to the last day, as usual we see people leaving.

This time, Arissa's Year 4B class teacher  Mr Simon Leask and her Year 3 class teacher Ms Emma Russell is leaving BIS.

As for her classmate, Joe Sandham is leaving to Singapore.

Same for Aisyah too.  She will be missed her classmates Sofia and Sophie Young and Marko too..

Hemm... :(