Friday, 30 November 2012

Farewell note

My old collegue sent me this photo via whatsapp.

It is my last written note on that whiteboard at my old office.

Wrote it for my collegues .

Worked in the same office for an exciting 13 years.

The office scene was like a tv soap opera like Dallas .

Back stabbing. Hatred. Jampi serapah. All the whatnots la.

And not forgetting some found true love there too. Also there were some looking for unforbidden love .

And my last scribble is still there on the white board. Until now. Touchy!

I was the last one in my department to leave. The last one to leave in my account room. There were other staffs in another department who were still at office. But very few of them. Like 2 people.

Had plan to leave early on that last day. But somehow i didn't managed too. Suddenly there were stuffs to be clear up or prepare for others. Some notes of works. Some mess to clean n clear up.

And i remember sitting down at my table for the last moment of my working life.

I feel happy and sad altogether. Hard to beleive it that the day was finally there.

And my table n place is still there. The place has turn out to be a gossip place. Any one of my collegues would just sat at my old place to chit chat for a while. Like a stress reliever place it has turn out to be.

At this very moment, i am missing my old office life.