Sunday, 15 November 2015

Payback by Him

Sometime I can only shake my head in disbelief upon hearing how friends or people treat their parents or parents in law

Don't they fear of the payback from Allah.

Maybe now in these present time, they may think that their act is ok. No harm done. No heart is broken .. but deep down inside , are they sure that no heart is broken or pain by their acts..?

And the most unthinkable is how sure are you that your kids won't be doing the same things to you?

How sure will you be that your sweet well manared children won't mistreated you in your olden days.?

Never forget that our children are just human beings. The influence of their spouse may changed them from your sweet well manared children to unthoughtful and ill manared children.

Allah is fair. And most of the time we forgot why certain bad things happen to us.. And we always forgot to look back at our own past action towards other people even our own parents and in law.

And for muslim , we must never forget not to cause even the slightest pain in our mother's heart. It's written in Quran on the consequences of that act.

Until then, I can only hope and pray let it not be any pain felt by those mom's and dads too..

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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Spouse by love or religion

How lucky we are if we were advised and told by either our parents or by someone we trust on the important and logic reason why we should find prospective husband or wife based on religion. This I am referring to Muslims.

Of course it is mentioned in the Alquran on how to choose your partner ie what is the criteria one should choosed based upon.

But even if we know, nobody did say the logic behinds it..or our minds just don't want to accept it . And ignore it like most of the times.

So choose your partner because of his/her religion. This means choose a person who has great understanding of the religion and all its teachings.

With that , only after what had happened to someone dearest to me, do I fully understand the logic behind it.. but then, it's too late for my dear friend to change the past. You can just turn the clock back and reset everything when this is about your marriage and kids are involved.

But things would be different had my friend choose her partner first based on religion. From my observations on friends marriage, I noticed that having a spouse that has great and depth understanding of religion does help a lot with the marriage.

And this is different for those who aren't.

So many people fall in love with the outer beauty..some do get lucky to fall in love with a person who has both beauty and depth religion beliefs.

But when marriage get sour when your spouse suddenly changed from good to evil, not much you can do actually. You either try to save your marriage or divorce. And for a Muslim, divorce is one thing that Allah hates.

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Saturday, 31 October 2015


How old memories sting me like a bee tonight. More because of the presence of the people from the old memory itself.

How we used to have BBQ when my late brother in law was still alive.

I don't know how it started but what I do know is that he always do bbq even before I was married to my husband.

We always have bbq whenever he feels like too.. he did it whenever Baba Nong, Hala Pachik came all over from Singapore to visit us ..And Khuya Fazul and Kak Iz and the kids will drop over also ..

I remember the big open porch of his house where we did the bbq . How nice to have your bbq witness by the clear night skies and the twinkling stars. . Sometimes the night air was cooling..sometimes no wind at all..

But the things that never missed was the laughter and happy mood ... especially when it was Baba Nong and the company..

I don't know why all of a sudden dearest hubby said about wanting to do bbq tonight.

He only said that the girls will like the idea. . And we only went out to get the new bbq set together with the charcoal and my new yellow and red stool from Ace Hardware store at 430 pm.

My MIL is here do her old maid Wiwi that came to visit Umi and us tonight. Here in my Jakarta house.

I do know for sure these two people remember those old days of bbq ... and tonight seeing Wiwi again and having her with us doing bbq , the memories is just so strong... Wiwi was there in the old memories right from the beginning. . And she was also there when my late BIL passed away..

I do love bbq ..the chicken wings ,the lamb and meat was deliciously cooked with loads of loves from my hubby..

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Thursday, 29 October 2015

When maid goes pulkam

My maid is at her kampung now. That is since Tuesday nite I have turned myself into Cinderellaa. ..

And looking at how I sweat each day by just doing all the house chores including cooking , I think I may stand a chance to reduce my weight.

Last night the sweat after mopping the whole ground floor of my house ie from kitchen to living room's like doing a sauna ..

And today more sweat after doing the laundry..

But then again , it will be meaningless if I didn't control what I eat...

And now I am on my way to pick up my Alya from school.. Today there are 3 school pick ups .. Yeah three different timing due to Arissa having an after school activities which ends at 340 pm. While Aisyah will finish school at 140 pm.. Phew !!!

More walking for me today ..

Luckily today there is no mengaji. ..

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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Lucky me

One of my blessings in life is sending my beautiful 3 girls to school. This are among a few things that my hubby wished he could do or trade place with me.

This photo was shot during one of those mornings. I was walking behind them when the sight of them just snapped me off and what a fantastic shot this will be .

So I stop walking and gave a a bit distance to capture this special moments that I get to be in every single day .

Even know when I look back at this photo, the warm fuzzy feelings just surround me.

Oh yes ! How they all have grown up during this last 4 years of our living in Jakarta.

The most overwhelming thing about this photo is seeing Alya going to school with her two big loving sisters.

Before this, she was the one who send the two big sisters to school. And fetching them home from school with me.

But since August 2015 this year, it is she being accompanied and send to school especially by Arissa. Her Kak Arissa just love walking her up to her class and see her putting up her lunch bag , communication bag and water bottle in place .

While I will be walking up with Aisyah to her class. Once Aisyah is done unpacking her stuffs in her class, do we go and see Alya again. Kisses and hugs for Alya before we say goodbye to her.

Next it will be kisses and hugs to Aisyah who next will be running to join her friends .

And that left me and Arissa for that much precious walk of only me and her. How she loves our special morning walk to her class waiting area .

All this make my friends saying how they seldom see me at school anymore in the morning...

Well my morning routine has change because of my 3 lovely girls..

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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Puncak Cisuaria retreat

Last week, we were in Puncak Cisuaria Bogor.School was off for a week for mid term 1 break. And as this time , we didnt go home to Malaysia, we decided to go somewhere near for a holidays. So off we drove to Puncak on Wednesday which so happned to be tanggal merah ie public holidays . We stayed for a night there . The weather was chilling as you have mountains around you. But what i and also my hubby will remember most is when we got to witness the one way traffic direction down the mountains heading to Jakarta from and hubby was driving out from hotel to get dinners for ourkids and my mil too. And how we did waze up before leaving the hotel. So traffic was a bit slow and we thought that it was just normal. Little that we know that we were soon caught up and stuck in the abovementioned situation. we had to park our car by the road side. What we saw next to us were hundreds of cars mostly bearing Jakarta B plate numbers heading downwards the hills. The 2 way traffic had becomed a 1 way traffic. And all cars are moving down the hills. We had to wait by the road side as the KFC outlet that we wanted to go is in the opposite direction. i think we were stucked for almost 30 minutes. The whole scene could have started much earlier before we were there. So how do we know that the one way traffic was about to stop? Well, we only realized it after we saw one police patrol car with loud sirens and a few police motorcycles passing next to us. Shortly after that I saw many cars behind us making that quick u-turn to go up the roads. Had i not look back at that time, we would have be stuck again in another traffic. The roads was chaotic with cars and vehicles making drastic u-turn and people busy crossing roads. With that, we have become like other fellow indonesian..macet and stuck in traffic during holidays..

Friday, 23 October 2015

Friday nite must-do-list

For the sake of my kids' education , I try to remind myself to read my kids' school weekly newsletter. This I do before I go to sleep on every Friday night.

The school will published weekly newsletter and send email notification about it every Friday evening.

Parents are being updated and informed about what the children are learning during the week and also for the next week. Each Year group will have its own newsletter. Thus its a good way for us parents to keep abreast on what is happening at school. Actually this goes inhand with the school aims of wanting parents to be more involved with their child education and progress.

At least by reading the newletter, I know how I can help my girls at home with what they have learnt and what they are going to learn.

In fact , at the beginning of each term and after mid term break, the school too will give us a printout of the whole term themes of topics that will be taught. The school really wants each child to have a good exposure, extra information and early ideas of what that term theme will be.

Sometimes, I refer back to last year academic newsletters for more insight on what to expect.

I really like this newletter ideas ..its totally different from my time. But i cant compare to school back in Malaysia. My kids have never experience it for we moved here when Arissa was starting her primary year.

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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Alya in FS1

To sum it up, Alya really enjoy going to school...

To her, school is fun .. In fact , she taught that everyday is school day. We had to tell her that Saturday and Sunday is rest day. And that means no school. And it is also rest days for Baba. How she always want Baba to come home early from work.. Also how she knows how she can play and be with her dad more on rest day.. so that is how the weekend stick to her mind..

I am also amazed and thankful how she easily wakes up at 6 am on every morning. She will wake me up too by telling not to go to sleep as it is morning time already..

And what an easy and quick drop off for her at class too in the morning. Arissa really loves doing the drop off for Alya.. so off both of them to Alya's class while I send Aisyah to her class and unpack her school stuffs. Once done, off me and Aisyah to Alya's class. By the time we reach there,Alya has unpack and neatly arranged her bag , communication bag and lunch bag at its designated cabinets. There is always a smile from her happyface .. and how she just wanna go and play immidiately a hug and kiss for her.. she doesnt even want to follow me to send Arissa to her Year 6 waiting area.. gosh!

That is how excited and happy Alya is every single day since school started..

Alhamdulillah.. how Allah is Great when each child is so unique ..

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Tuesday, 7 July 2015


Alhamdulillah. Without expecting that Alya could pee pee in the toilet for the first time, today she did it.

I have not been able to train her to pee pee in toilet even for continous 2 days.. Never had the time or chance and were always busy with my daily routines... the most that i had been able to do with her was to let her wear panty for lest than 2 hours..

As usual I will remind her how to tell and feel that her urine is about to comeout.. And voila! Today she managed to feel and experience it..

Alhamdulillah.. she pee pee in the toilet twice today...

And with poo poo, she has nailed it at faster rate than pee pee..

Insya Allah, she will be ready diaperless to school when school reopens in mid August..

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Monday, 29 June 2015

.One day of fasting

So my dearest Aisyah, should you asked me in the future of what age that you succesfully fast for one full day in Ramadan, Mama gonna say that it happened when you were 5 and half year old.

The special day was on Saturday 27th ofJuly 2015. It was the 10th day of Ramadan ie fasting. And how I told you that it would be a great idea if you could stay on fasting until the break fast time and break it with Baba especially. All the because Baba would be returning from KL after being there for one week of workshop.

Thus when Baba arrived home at noon, I remember how Baba challenged you to break your old record of staying fasting until 2 pm. Of course you were already weak by noon. But somehow you were motivated by Baba's word and managed to continue fasting until Mahgrib..

I remember how you almost fell asleep on the black sofa in the living room with the fan blowing right at you..

And remember when I suggested to you to lie down upstairs in my room aftwewards? Yeah , we were lying down on that cooling white marble floor with the fan blowing directly at us...

Baba said that once your tummy had been tested to stay on fasting until Maghrib, then your second day of fasting would be a breeze.
How true that notion was.

Your second day of fasting came easy after the first day. So was your 3rd day too . Even when you had to follow me shopping for baju raya and your black school shoes!

Alhamdulillah. And high five to you my sweet and everhelpful girl!

Mama, Kakak Arissa , Baba and lil Alya are so proud of you..

U have been doing terawih from day one of Ramadan.. and you had been practising fasting half a day even when you have to go to school..

Love you loads dear...

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Monday, 15 June 2015


Real life story that I witnessed today:

In front of us there , she shared with us that she and her husband would let their children choose their own religion. Be it Islam or Christian..This coming from a lady who is married to a Caucasion and all her children are still in primary and secondary school. This too coming from a lady that did her umrah. This too coming from a lady who drinks alcoholic drinks. Of course her religion is Muslim if you ask me.

I didnt say a word let alone comment anything on it.

Everytime I am faced with this religion or principle of religion that is related to Islam, my best defence is to not say anything about it unless my views are asked.

It's hard for someone like me who is not an expert in islamic teaching nor am i graduated from islamic studies, to give my says ..

The best advice from my ustaz or from my own reading on what I should be doing is to pray to Allah so that this person will be given light and direction and guidance from Allah ... May this person will be muslim till his or her last breath..

This also is the challenges that me and husband have to face in bringing up our precious children as a Muslim in an international and multiculture societies..

May Allah keep us in His Rahmat. Amin

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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Sisterly bonded

I knew something was wrong when Aisyah's mood changed all of a sudden just before dinner.

I tried making her laugh. But she just seemed more upset.

While seated at the dining table for our dinner, that was when her tears bursted.

All because she was missing her big sister who was not there with us tonight .

Her kakak is away for a 3 days and 2 nights school trip in Bogor. And tonight is the first night..

I had expected this to happened. But i thought it will come first from my youngest child Alya. It happened during last year when Arissa was the school trip for Year 4. Alya was missing her big sister most of the time .

Thus, seeing it coming from Aisyah was just a bit of shocked for me..I knew it is coming.

My girls are closed with one another. So are them with us..

And tonight as I tucked Aisyah into bed, alhamdulillah she is ok with the notion of her sleeping alone by herself.
Together with Alya, we lay down Aisyah's bed while reciting the usual surahs and prayers. And she asked me to leave the staircase light on.

First night is almost done. Second night is left. Is mama all ok with this trip so far..?

Well, the house seemed quiet than usual.

Of course there is this strange level of emptiness and quietness that I feel since this morning after my eldest is gone.

But i guess all the house chores and with Alya feeling unwell this morning, i kinda sort of get used to it..

There is always something to be done when you still have others to be taken care off.. Maybe things would be diffèrent when all my girls are like birds who have left its nest ..

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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

That feeling again..

Again I have to be a single parent for almost a week as dearest husband is away on a business trip..

A feeling that most unwelcome by me!

How empty I feel inside of me. And boredom is everywhere that it got me thinking and planning of what to do for this week ! Haiya !

I wonder how others who are really a single parent either by death or divorce, do they feel the same way I do ?

Someone that is dearly to me is going through one of the unhappiest moments of her marriage.

I feel empty and bored because my husband is away. She being empty and bored because her husband is neither here nor there.

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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Lorena Godoy Videla

It had been playing on my mind how my Alya and her Keanan would be playing again together just like old time when August comes this year.

And how Lorena and me used to talk how both our kids will be together in FS1.

But now , those talks and thoughts wont be materialised.

I am still in shocked and sad up to now with the sudden news of them having to moved back to Australia.

That is what you gonna feel when you have been with someone , not only sharing simple talks and chit chat, but more too deeper stuffs .

That is what you gonna feel when that someone has touched your life . Leaving memories that will lingers for as long as breath takes you in this life.

I met Lorena about two years ago. Both of our children , my Aisyah and her Neil , then aged 3 had just entered FS1 at BIS . Back then, her youngest child Keanan who was the same age as my Alya would be accompanying Lorena to drop off and pick up Neil at school everyday.

Same goes with me with my Alya too.

And together we would be having lunch together after picking up our children. There would be others too. The usual suspects!

Lunch was at Rainbow cafes. We woould be talking while feeding our kids lunch. And when lunch in done, we carried on with our talks while watching our kids play together.

One reason why we clicked was because both of us were nursing our youngest children. But, i guess, the main reasons why we clicked is because we shared the same values and thinkings.

We shared talks on our kids, parenting values, lives values and family stories too. It was so easy to talk to someone when both of you are sharing and believe the same principles.

The first time when meeting her, I didn't expect that she is the same age as me. Partly because she has two older teenage children. And partly because she looks a bit older than me. And how we both were surprised to find out that we are the 75' s year born.

And after that, every time i saw her two teenagers who are both in secondary, I feel so old. It's the thought of i too could had teenagers just make me feel so old.

Just now, as i was putting Aisyah to sleep, I asked her if she remembers of her times playing with Neil during lunch time. She said she did. She remembers how she , Neil and Sarah Maccloude would be picking up flowers, climbing onto the brick fence, running off here and there at rainbow cafe.

Even Alya and Keanan recognise each other that they will start playing whenever we see them at school.

I told Lorena that I am gonna miss bumping into her and her kids at school. That we all gonna miss seeing her eldest's orange hair that is so easily to spot on from far ...

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