Thursday, 5 February 2015

Lorena Godoy Videla

It had been playing on my mind how my Alya and her Keanan would be playing again together just like old time when August comes this year.

And how Lorena and me used to talk how both our kids will be together in FS1.

But now , those talks and thoughts wont be materialised.

I am still in shocked and sad up to now with the sudden news of them having to moved back to Australia.

That is what you gonna feel when you have been with someone , not only sharing simple talks and chit chat, but more too deeper stuffs .

That is what you gonna feel when that someone has touched your life . Leaving memories that will lingers for as long as breath takes you in this life.

I met Lorena about two years ago. Both of our children , my Aisyah and her Neil , then aged 3 had just entered FS1 at BIS . Back then, her youngest child Keanan who was the same age as my Alya would be accompanying Lorena to drop off and pick up Neil at school everyday.

Same goes with me with my Alya too.

And together we would be having lunch together after picking up our children. There would be others too. The usual suspects!

Lunch was at Rainbow cafes. We woould be talking while feeding our kids lunch. And when lunch in done, we carried on with our talks while watching our kids play together.

One reason why we clicked was because both of us were nursing our youngest children. But, i guess, the main reasons why we clicked is because we shared the same values and thinkings.

We shared talks on our kids, parenting values, lives values and family stories too. It was so easy to talk to someone when both of you are sharing and believe the same principles.

The first time when meeting her, I didn't expect that she is the same age as me. Partly because she has two older teenage children. And partly because she looks a bit older than me. And how we both were surprised to find out that we are the 75' s year born.

And after that, every time i saw her two teenagers who are both in secondary, I feel so old. It's the thought of i too could had teenagers just make me feel so old.

Just now, as i was putting Aisyah to sleep, I asked her if she remembers of her times playing with Neil during lunch time. She said she did. She remembers how she , Neil and Sarah Maccloude would be picking up flowers, climbing onto the brick fence, running off here and there at rainbow cafe.

Even Alya and Keanan recognise each other that they will start playing whenever we see them at school.

I told Lorena that I am gonna miss bumping into her and her kids at school. That we all gonna miss seeing her eldest's orange hair that is so easily to spot on from far ...

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