Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Halal toyiban

Sometimes our tastebuds get the better of us..

A recent FB status post which was posted by my fellow Muslims friends make me sad . These friends are my circle of religious class friends.

I had turned down a get together by my eldest's daughter's class moms done at that so called restaurant. I checked the menu and the see the place for myself. Liquors and pork are served.

And what surprised me was why this restaurant is being picked by my Muslims friends . In Jakarta there are other restaurants that dont have pork related products and liquor on it's menu. What they lack is only the halal logo . Same scenario also in Malaysia. But we still have Muslims eating at that restaurants as they know it is halal in a way we are not indoubt of it halal.

We muslim know ,once our guts feelings is unsure of the halal status of the restaurant, it is best to avoid eating at that place.

And there are plenty of other restaurant in that building where we can eat without having doubt.

Thus, with this knowledge that I had assumed surely being shared and understand by my those friends, I am just dumbfounded and sad.

Paling menyedihkan ialah majoriti yg ada dalam gambar tu pakai tudung. And some of them like to post Islamic quotes on their FB.

So sad that my friends have become liberalism when it comes to food.

May Allah gives them guidance and protects us from straying to wrong path. Aameen .

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