Saturday, 24 October 2015

Puncak Cisuaria retreat

Last week, we were in Puncak Cisuaria Bogor.School was off for a week for mid term 1 break. And as this time , we didnt go home to Malaysia, we decided to go somewhere near for a holidays. So off we drove to Puncak on Wednesday which so happned to be tanggal merah ie public holidays . We stayed for a night there . The weather was chilling as you have mountains around you. But what i and also my hubby will remember most is when we got to witness the one way traffic direction down the mountains heading to Jakarta from and hubby was driving out from hotel to get dinners for ourkids and my mil too. And how we did waze up before leaving the hotel. So traffic was a bit slow and we thought that it was just normal. Little that we know that we were soon caught up and stuck in the abovementioned situation. we had to park our car by the road side. What we saw next to us were hundreds of cars mostly bearing Jakarta B plate numbers heading downwards the hills. The 2 way traffic had becomed a 1 way traffic. And all cars are moving down the hills. We had to wait by the road side as the KFC outlet that we wanted to go is in the opposite direction. i think we were stucked for almost 30 minutes. The whole scene could have started much earlier before we were there. So how do we know that the one way traffic was about to stop? Well, we only realized it after we saw one police patrol car with loud sirens and a few police motorcycles passing next to us. Shortly after that I saw many cars behind us making that quick u-turn to go up the roads. Had i not look back at that time, we would have be stuck again in another traffic. The roads was chaotic with cars and vehicles making drastic u-turn and people busy crossing roads. With that, we have become like other fellow indonesian..macet and stuck in traffic during holidays..

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