Friday, 23 October 2015

Friday nite must-do-list

For the sake of my kids' education , I try to remind myself to read my kids' school weekly newsletter. This I do before I go to sleep on every Friday night.

The school will published weekly newsletter and send email notification about it every Friday evening.

Parents are being updated and informed about what the children are learning during the week and also for the next week. Each Year group will have its own newsletter. Thus its a good way for us parents to keep abreast on what is happening at school. Actually this goes inhand with the school aims of wanting parents to be more involved with their child education and progress.

At least by reading the newletter, I know how I can help my girls at home with what they have learnt and what they are going to learn.

In fact , at the beginning of each term and after mid term break, the school too will give us a printout of the whole term themes of topics that will be taught. The school really wants each child to have a good exposure, extra information and early ideas of what that term theme will be.

Sometimes, I refer back to last year academic newsletters for more insight on what to expect.

I really like this newletter ideas ..its totally different from my time. But i cant compare to school back in Malaysia. My kids have never experience it for we moved here when Arissa was starting her primary year.

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