Thursday, 29 October 2015

When maid goes pulkam

My maid is at her kampung now. That is since Tuesday nite I have turned myself into Cinderellaa. ..

And looking at how I sweat each day by just doing all the house chores including cooking , I think I may stand a chance to reduce my weight.

Last night the sweat after mopping the whole ground floor of my house ie from kitchen to living room's like doing a sauna ..

And today more sweat after doing the laundry..

But then again , it will be meaningless if I didn't control what I eat...

And now I am on my way to pick up my Alya from school.. Today there are 3 school pick ups .. Yeah three different timing due to Arissa having an after school activities which ends at 340 pm. While Aisyah will finish school at 140 pm.. Phew !!!

More walking for me today ..

Luckily today there is no mengaji. ..

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