Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Lucky me

One of my blessings in life is sending my beautiful 3 girls to school. This are among a few things that my hubby wished he could do or trade place with me.

This photo was shot during one of those mornings. I was walking behind them when the sight of them just snapped me off and what a fantastic shot this will be .

So I stop walking and gave a a bit distance to capture this special moments that I get to be in every single day .

Even know when I look back at this photo, the warm fuzzy feelings just surround me.

Oh yes ! How they all have grown up during this last 4 years of our living in Jakarta.

The most overwhelming thing about this photo is seeing Alya going to school with her two big loving sisters.

Before this, she was the one who send the two big sisters to school. And fetching them home from school with me.

But since August 2015 this year, it is she being accompanied and send to school especially by Arissa. Her Kak Arissa just love walking her up to her class and see her putting up her lunch bag , communication bag and water bottle in place .

While I will be walking up with Aisyah to her class. Once Aisyah is done unpacking her stuffs in her class, do we go and see Alya again. Kisses and hugs for Alya before we say goodbye to her.

Next it will be kisses and hugs to Aisyah who next will be running to join her friends .

And that left me and Arissa for that much precious walk of only me and her. How she loves our special morning walk to her class waiting area .

All this make my friends saying how they seldom see me at school anymore in the morning...

Well my morning routine has change because of my 3 lovely girls..

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