Monday, 29 June 2015

.One day of fasting

So my dearest Aisyah, should you asked me in the future of what age that you succesfully fast for one full day in Ramadan, Mama gonna say that it happened when you were 5 and half year old.

The special day was on Saturday 27th ofJuly 2015. It was the 10th day of Ramadan ie fasting. And how I told you that it would be a great idea if you could stay on fasting until the break fast time and break it with Baba especially. All the because Baba would be returning from KL after being there for one week of workshop.

Thus when Baba arrived home at noon, I remember how Baba challenged you to break your old record of staying fasting until 2 pm. Of course you were already weak by noon. But somehow you were motivated by Baba's word and managed to continue fasting until Mahgrib..

I remember how you almost fell asleep on the black sofa in the living room with the fan blowing right at you..

And remember when I suggested to you to lie down upstairs in my room aftwewards? Yeah , we were lying down on that cooling white marble floor with the fan blowing directly at us...

Baba said that once your tummy had been tested to stay on fasting until Maghrib, then your second day of fasting would be a breeze.
How true that notion was.

Your second day of fasting came easy after the first day. So was your 3rd day too . Even when you had to follow me shopping for baju raya and your black school shoes!

Alhamdulillah. And high five to you my sweet and everhelpful girl!

Mama, Kakak Arissa , Baba and lil Alya are so proud of you..

U have been doing terawih from day one of Ramadan.. and you had been practising fasting half a day even when you have to go to school..

Love you loads dear...

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