Monday, 15 June 2015


Real life story that I witnessed today:

In front of us there , she shared with us that she and her husband would let their children choose their own religion. Be it Islam or Christian..This coming from a lady who is married to a Caucasion and all her children are still in primary and secondary school. This too coming from a lady that did her umrah. This too coming from a lady who drinks alcoholic drinks. Of course her religion is Muslim if you ask me.

I didnt say a word let alone comment anything on it.

Everytime I am faced with this religion or principle of religion that is related to Islam, my best defence is to not say anything about it unless my views are asked.

It's hard for someone like me who is not an expert in islamic teaching nor am i graduated from islamic studies, to give my says ..

The best advice from my ustaz or from my own reading on what I should be doing is to pray to Allah so that this person will be given light and direction and guidance from Allah ... May this person will be muslim till his or her last breath..

This also is the challenges that me and husband have to face in bringing up our precious children as a Muslim in an international and multiculture societies..

May Allah keep us in His Rahmat. Amin

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