Thursday, 13 September 2007


Gosh! I can’t believe I arrived so early at office today. Reached office at 6.55 am. I left home 5 minutes to 6.30 am . Today marks the 1st day of fasting for Muslim . Hence there’s a new working hours for Ramadan month. Mine starts at 7.45 am & finishes at 4.30 pm. I need to leave early as this one whole month of Ramadan , me& family are staying at my MIL’s house as she is all alone.

One thing that will always comes to my mind during fasting month is my fasting days when I was single and living just about 15 minutes drives from Bangsar. I like doing my terawih at bangsar mosque. It's comfy and the jemaah there are ok too . And maybe too because it's so easy to get there from my apartment. I miss allthis when I moved to my current house where there is a surau nearby. I somehow dont like the nearest mosque ( about 5 km from my house). Something about the mosque ambiance that I rather dont like.

Actually not only that I miss but also my life living at F@j@r!a. Imagine going to MidValley on weekdays nite. Sometimes, when I'm just bored or wanted to have my dinner, I can just easily drive to MV. No traffic & less crowd too there. And there's an LRT station just right behind my aprtmnt .. It was so easy to go to office or anywhere else too. Though I have a car, but I prefer to take the LRT to work... At that time, the traffic near the bulatan pahang was so bad as they were building the monorail.

And we have so many places to go for dating . Hehehe.. So what happened to my apartment theseday..... My office is shaking now..... bergegar! kuatnya goyang !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

selamat berpuasa k...

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Aidan's Mommy said...

Before i was married, me and my frens likes to do terawih - every night we will try new masjid. Most fav masjid is none other than masjid wilayah. Only 2 mins from my office. Then bangsar mosque.

Now it has been 2 years i miss my terawih at masjid. Hopefully next ramadhan year i'm not preggy.. huhuh