Monday, 22 October 2007

Raya 2007

Somehow this year raya mood was a bit gloomy from last year. Of course we did keep a happy face when in front of others but nobody knows what the heart is filling inside each of my husband's family members and my sides too.
My hubby lost his 2nd bro to cancer late March this year. And my father lost his mother to cancer too on Friday 5th Oct 2007. My late BIL was 33 years old . While my late grandma was 70 plus years old. Both never shown any early signs of cancer. It came in a second just like that. It's hard to lose someone in a matter of less than 5 days after the 1st diagnose. Both of them died immediately after the medical reports were out.
All these things make me think that anything can be taken from us in short span of time. From a healthy body to illness, from living to death. From a happy marriage to a broken one.

This year I dare not to comment much about my MIL raya cookies & morning raya food spread. Some of the food was my late BIL's fav food. Only him who likes to eat dates rolls. And even when he is gone, my MIL still baked it. I dont know how his wife handle it when it comes to fast food. Both of them love eating fast food.

This Raya too brought new changes to my daughter who suddenly enjoy having her photos taken. It must be the camera handphone thing and the digital camera too. She likes to see her photos immediately after it was snapped. So easy to ask her to smile and pose in front of a camera. She herself will decide on how to pose for that snap. Doesn't matter if it was a camera handphone or digital camera, she will bug you all the time. And that was what happened to my brother and my nephew & niece . We were at my MIL's besan's house for jalan raya. As we bid farewell to everyone , Arissa asked two of her cousins who have camera handphones to take her photo. Each one of them had to use their own handphones to take the picture. Only after it was done, did she is finally happy to say goodbye.

I think most of us have started working today. So, have a good day at the office and happy fasting to those yang puasa enam.


mimi said...

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri..
Arissa looks cute on her baju kurung.. It's good that she finally loves camera ya.. And now u can take lots & lots photos of her.. My daughter too has the same habit as Arissa, after taking her photos, dia pun menyibuk nak tgk gambar tue kat camera.. ;)

Aidan's Mommy said...

Selamat Hati Raya!!!!!
Arissa sama macam Aidan, who loves the camera and hp camera...

Wonder why? Maybe to them it is one of the 7 wonders kot..huhuh

emly2175 said...

mimi: selamat hari raya! how was your raya diperantauan ?
Dot: Hello there ! Selamat hari raya to you too dear..Sorry la I tak dpt nak jenguk u and your baby Adnan. I baru je masuk office hari ni after 4 days of MC.I had my corn removed last sunday.Had a small surgery to removed it..Will ring you up dear once i'm free to move around. take care..

rafiqaheliza said...

Alahai comelnya Arissa. Hope if I got a girl, she will look just like Arissa:) And I suka nama Arissa tu..maybe will name her that as well..hehe..(oh no! I'm not preggy).
Takziah ke atas your family on the demise of your two beloved person. Yup, semua org sgt takut dengan penyakit "The big C" itu. Mintak dijauhkanlah...

Hey you, can I have your email...ada invites:)

Nadia said...

Love that picture of Arissa! Lawanyaaaaa.. and she's such a beauty! You're gonna have a tuff time later on when the boys start to queue outside your house! Haha!