Wednesday, 7 November 2007


I had a date with my hubby on the 1st saturday of Nov . It's a date to me eventhough we did it after attending hubby's company's open house. I accompanied him even he was on duty on that day.. So many people turned up as our PM too was there to launch the new coffetable book in town. I wish the antique phone that our PM got can be used as it still look good!

Since we still have some time left for a short drink, hubby suggested that we go for a drink somewhere in Bangsar. So the easiest and convenient place is BV2. Treat was on hubby as he asked me to choose the place. I wanted to go Bakerzin ( opposite Starbucks) but was closed for renovation. EEEE! We did checked out the one in BV2 but less variety on the desserts!

So off we went to Delicious. It's been quite sometime since i last went out for a drink with hubby to a place like this... Finally I got be there.. Thumbs up on the delicious apple pie crumble. SERVED with ICE CREAMS! The pie pastry was SEDAP! Better than the one at Starbuck. My Death by IcedChoc drink was heaven!

We did glance at what other people were having . And I must say, the food presentation was superbly done. They make a sandwish look so appetising ! Hubby said we should have ordered the brownie which was served with icecream. But I said no as it didn't look like the one at Chilli's.

Spending time with hubby even for just a drink at mamak stall is something precious to me. And it matters most now when we have a child. This going-out things will be the time we get to spend each other company and talk any topics freely without the interruption from our child.. And we get to eat certain food that our child can't have yet...

Actually going out just the two of us always make me feel like we are one childless couple. I always have that feelings when we were out without Arissa. I feel like a young couple! And when we go back to our house after our dating, how nice getting a warm loving hug & smile & kisses from Arissa.

I know it's not easy to leave your child behind. But when u can and when there is help around ( be it from your parents or siblings or maid ) , do go out with your spouse...

And tomorrow , I'll have date with hubby ..Hopefully he got the movie tickets.. And Arissa get to spend her time with her tukummi!


toughcookie said...

i know what you mean about those precious times alone with hubby after having a child. i sendiri am not sure how our lives (mine and hubby's) will be like when we do have one, especially since we have such a hectic daily schedule.

but i guess, we have to do what we have to do la kan. we simply have to manage ourselves.

thanks for dropping by my blog. i hope to read more of you from time to time. take care.

emly2175 said...

Juan: Have children or none, at the end of the day the most important thing in our lives is giving priority to whatever is important to us..Only by doing that we will have a happy & complete life.. that's my view la !

btw: love you & the one love love found two people who were not looking for it...does anyone want to make a movie based on this?