Thursday, 15 November 2007

A Letter to Syafiah Arissa

My dearest Arissa,
As Mama seldoms write about your development, I think I will do it today, Baby..At least u get to read & reminisce it in years to come darling.. So here's the story when u are 2 years old and 2 months:

Almost everymorning u will said u want to follow Mama to work. And Mama had to twist it another way by saying that u can follow me to the car.. and it works ! I know how u wanted me to stay at home & play with you..Once in the car, I have to take u for a short trip. And u will want to wind down the windows or press the horn or turn on the wipers just before bibik pick u up from the car.. U wouldn't want to leave if u didn't get to do all these things..

U are so smart to come up with so many excuses if u want to delay something ( this u do so in order for u to get to do the things u wanna do la ) .... How clever of u darling to say "please wait mama!" or "mama, wait mama ." when i rushed you to do other things... Another thing is during your bedtime.. U will asked to switch on the tv or ask mama to make u your milk.. And I can't leave u in the room with your baba so that i can go downstairs to prepare it for u.. " mama, arissa nak follow!" U love the idea of going downstairs with me .Why, coz u get to stay awake and talk with bibik while mama prepares your milk... Do u finished your milk? Well, sometimes yes, and sometimes no...

You will cry when I told u to have your evening nap.. U will be crying while sleeping next to me.. " Mama, don't want to sleep"... and shortly u fall asleep...

U will ask me or baba to sing for you Laa ilaa haillallah before going to sleep..Currently this is your favourite lullaby baby.. U also will ask us to open & hold the Laa ilaa haillallah book... Then u will ask to read what ever words u are pointing in that book. This u do will snuggling next to me..You head will be ontop of my right upper arm & baba will be laying down next to you on your right side.. Yes dear, most of the time u will insist of having baba to lay down next to you during bedtime.. Mama too will have to dukung you just for a while when u are almost sleepy.. Dont know how to stop this things..

And when u wake up in the morning(weekdays) , u will cry sometimes, asking "where is Baba?" or 'where is mama?". U normally wake up late as u normally fell asleep around 11 pm! It's so hard to change your sleeping time !

You have a very healthy appetite dear .. Almost all food, be it spicy or not, u will eat.. U ate redang negeri yg pedas ... and curry too... And choc too... Funny when u only eat the choc layer and not the wafer .. And the murukku tuh.... Yes, we let u have all this but in moderation as u are still young and you dont brush your teeth well ... Mama don't want u not to have no front teeth ok.. Alhamdulillah , u can understand us when we told u to stop eating as u had enough of the food..

U listen more to your baba than your mama... With me, u will give me that look ( boring look) when i forbid u to do certain things.. Like walking in my shoes & sandals.. Or playing on the staircase.. I have to reason it outwith u and then only u will agree not to do it.. Or i will let u do it for a few minutes before calling it short.. This I learnt from your Baba la.. And for a toddler your age, your comprehension is very good.. Alhamdulillah.

U will insist on playing when u are actually sleepy...

U like to do the "no more dirty diapers" dance. This u learnt from watching Elmo's potty time VCD.. And u like to sing & dance " Who is afraid of the big bad wolf" . This u got it from watching Disney's cartoon.. It's from the 3 little pigs story. Apart from Elmo which is your favourite puppet, u like Mickey mouse too..

U love going out for a walk around our neighbourhood. U actually love running ... U will say " Arissa jog mama!" ...Park is your favourite place..And u can identify well where the parks are located.. we have about 4 parks around my house.. All in the walking distance only... That's what u get when there are different housing developers around the neighbourhood..
During the walk, u can tell also which house has a dog ... And u will want to touch the cat when u see one...

Arissa, mama thinks that's all for now... Mama will definitely post another entry like this whenever possible ok..



eiseai said...

sweet letter...i like the name syafiah.

p/s the kitchen i buat with signature kitchen. tak berapa suka lah...need a new look to the kitchen...hahaha

emly2175 said...

eiseai: thanks dear.. for the kitchen we have choosen SCI Kitchen. Wish can choose the 3G one..Tapi susah nak maintain.It's like looking after a car..