Friday, 26 June 2009

Moving down south

Sometimes, we never gonna know what the future will be. No doubts there will be plans that were made. But whether it will come true, no body knows.

I guess it never crossed my mind that my younger brother will be working and moving south comes this July.

All the while, all of my siblings are staying around KL except my eldest brother who has been staying at my parents’ house for the last 1 and half years.

And it’s nothing new also to us when my younger brother changed his job again. Changing employers is nothing new for those people who work in the banking industry. As a matter of fact , this is an easier way for them to climb the corporate ladder.

Comes July, my younger brother will be working down south of Peninsular Malaysia. It’s quite far from our hometown Seremban but still in Malaysia. And I guess , this should be ok for my parents.

Why? Because I remember the time when he was working in the US after his graduation. He worked there for less than 5 years . And how my parents kept on persuading him to come back home and work here. Not that my parents have never been to US before. We once stayed there when my father was doing his MBA. And we had been blessed to visit UK & US more than once .
The thing is with my parents especially my father, is that he prefers all his children to be staying and working in Malaysia. I don’t know why. It can be for the reasons of old age that is catching up with my parents. Being in the same country means easier for us to balik kampong and visit them..

My daughter, my niece and nephews will definitely gonna miss their Pak Lang and Mak Lang .All are attached to them.

But then again, this whole thing can be temporary. Who knows , with a better offer and perks, my younger brother may come back and work in KL again..

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