Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Cherish them when you are their favourite person

In one day, how many times does your kids, toddler ask to be carried around. Dukung( carry them on your waist) even when u are pregnant?

Or your child bugs you when you are busy watching the news? She just wanna show you how she draws a cat . Or she wanted to teach you how to pronouce the letter 'a', 'e', 'i' , 'o', 'u'.

Or your child ask you to sit down with her and watch tv when u were about to put the folded washed clothes inside the drawer.

Or when your are the most prefered person next to your hubby, to bathe her or to accompany her for brush-your-teeth-b4-bedtime .

Or when she wants to be seated next to you in the car . Doesn't matter if you are the driver or the passenger. All she knows that she want to be seated in either in front or back as long as same as you..

Or that she insists on holding your hands no matter if it's going to the park, walking in the mall or everywhere. She still want to hold you either by her right or left hand eventhough your hubby is holding her opposite hand.

Or she likes to sit on the same side of the table when eating out or at home. You will always be seated next to her.

Or she likes to cuddle up or sit next to you on the bed while watching tv. Not everytime you get to cuddle up with your hubby when watching tv together with your kid..

Or that she likes to comb your wet hair after you are done with shower.

Sometimes I do feel like I need a space on my own. But when I think back that all these small things will soon be gone once my daughter is grown up or when she is able to do things on her own or when I'm not her favourite person anymore, I just accept and do it with open heart.

Arissa will soon be 4 years old in August. And how time flies. No doubt she is slowly gaining her independence but in most cases in her 24 hours of life daily, she still needs me for this and that.
Of course she needs her Baba too.

But as a parent , we should all try to cherish all these small things now . These things will soon be missed by us parents. Just like how our parents miss it now. And maybe that is why to our parents' eyes, we are still their baby. Or why they still prefer you in the shoulder length hair style.... hehehehheeh

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