Tuesday, 21 July 2009

She who bit me

As much as I wanted to take her out to the park yesterday evening when I got back from work, I know I had to be firmed with her and not fallen prey to her crying.

I was talking to my maid and she was playing with my pregnant blouse tali. All of a sudden , Arissa bit one of my left fingers.. And it hurts.

I turned around and asked her why on earth that she do that.

She said that she wanted to untie the tali baju.

I slapped the lower part of her left leg twice and told her that it is wrong for her to bit me.

After that, i sat her down with me at the living room and said that as a punishment for her wrongful behaviour, I will not take her to the park. Upon hearing this statement, she let out a big dissappointment cry.

As usuall, she will try her best to get me on her side. Meaning, to change my mind and take her to the park. Or course any mommy will feel so kasihan when her child is crying but somehow I just had to teach my daughter of the consequences of her actions.

As I hold her in my lap , I told her to stop crying. Soon I explained to her how I wanted to take her to park earlier. That was before she bite me. I said that it is wrong to bit other people as u are hurting them. I told her that me, her baba, her tuk umi & bibik doesn't bite her. And we didn't do that to her because we love her . If we bite her, then it means we doesn't love her and are hurting her.

I asked her if we ever bite her. She said no. With that, I said, I can't take her out to the park. I did ask her if she understand my reason of not taking her to the park. And she said yes.

But being one determine young girl she is, she still try her luck in asking if we can still go to the park. I firmly said no and that we can always the next day , provided the weather is not hazy and no raining ...

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