Thursday, 9 July 2009

My Itchy Hands

With some of the Cloth diaper's online shop having promotions , I'm just itching to buy those beautiful and colorful , and girlish CDs...

So what's stopping me from buying it? Well, for one reason, my 2nd lil' munchkin is not out yet from my tummy. InsyaAllah, she will make her debut before 20th August 2009.

2nd reason, it's not a practical idea to use CDs on newborn baby as you don't get to use it longer and frequently . Newborn baby will grow up fast into baby. Thus, it's a waste of money. It's better to use lampin/prefold and dispos ..Gosh! I'm slowly using these CDs terms..heheheh
No wonder i'm itching to buy CDs!

Apart from CDs, I think I slowly converting myself into this think-green mommy or save-our-planet mommy.. You'll see me surfing for cloth menstrual pads or mama pads and nursing cloth pads..

Of course the initial cost of buying these CDs, mama pads & nursing cloth pads is high but low or zero cost in the long term.

Enough about those things. I'm 34 weeks preggy now. And I'm glad with the good progress me & hubby have done with our 2nd baby preparation.

We had sent back most of the items that I will need for my confinement in my parents' house. And 90% of the baby's clothing, mittens , booties,lampins, my NR confinement products, dispos , my daily clothings are all in my S'ban room.

As for the hospital bag, i have put all items in one place .Just waiting to be transfered into the undecided-which-bag to use as hospital bag. But I still wanna get 2 or 3 newborn clothings. For our 2nd Munchkin, I did buy new clothings for her. At least she gets to wear her own clothing on her 1st day. Alhamdulillah, most of her big sista's clothings are all in good conditions. That's the benefits of buying only good quality clothings . Mind u , these are not branded items. Most were bought from Jusco.

And last nite, we have agreed on the book cabinets which to be placed at the family hall upstairs. So we will be heading to IKEa after my check-up this Saturday..

And 2nd munchkin's name? I've a few on the list. Only waiting for my dearest hubby's list..

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