Monday, 20 July 2009

Little Miss Weekend Planner

Pardon for the blur picture as hubby took this using his handphone ( he is so happy with the latest download of wallpaper and software ).

Ahemm, just like the title of this entry, our lil Munchkin had suddenly turned herself into Lil Miss Weekend Planner on last Saturday. Wanna know why?

Coz she had laid out her plan of going to Mid Valley after having our morning roti canai breakfast at her favourite mamak restaurant. For a soon-to-be 4 years old kid, she likes to have half boiled egg as breakfast. And don't mind having it everyday too..

So from morning till after Asar prayer, all we heard from her was " Mama, let's go to Mid Valley". " Baba, let's go to Mid Valley". " Mama, I want to go to Mid Valley " . " Can we go to MV?".Mid valley. Mid Valley.

She even didn't want to take her nap & rather keeping herself wide awake eventhough she was sleepy and tired. How determine this lil girl can be once she have set her mind on one thing.

Lil' Miss Weekend Planner even laid out her chosen clothing for Mid Valley. Hubby was surprised to see it on the foot of the bed when he woke up from nap that afternoon. Yep. The dress that she wore in the picture was chosen by her.

Was she happy when we finally took her to MV? Of course she did as she woke up late on Sunday morning..

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