Monday, 4 May 2009

ante-natal class

So should both couple ie. husband & wife attend the ante-natal together or only the expectant mother to attend?

For me , both should attend the class actually as it takes two to tango . And babies are actually a miraculous creation of two human beings. Thus it makes strong & reasonable sense that both expectant mother& father to attend ante-natal class..

So there I was reading from the malaysianbride forum on the excitedness these expectant mommies feel of attending ante-natal classses..Some expressed the sadness of having to go alone as their spouses got a valid reasons not to atttend..

But I can not help not to feel from the words in the forums the sadness and jealousy some of these women feels.. The women whose husbands are't attending the classes for some unknown reasons that I can only assumes lazy to go..

So i'm sorry if what I said is so wrong.But then again, I feel pity for these women who will be alone at the classes..

Imagine the pain and the stories of other's labour that these women will be hearing at these classes.. Not all of us can take the pain..I know this for sure coz I just read one email from this lady who got scared listening to all the story in the labor room. Of course the teacher won't be telling it in a scary way.

But not all of us women can stand or picture the pain of getting 10cm dillated ...

Thus, having a moral supoort in the presence of a husband at the ante-natal class will be such a relief actually. Coz, these women will know that they are not alone during that life-threatening moments.. Don't forget that there are mommies who sacrificed their lives to their babies.

Plus, how on earth to make sense on the breathing techniques.. And not forgetting the massaging lesson the husbands can learn and offer to their heavily & aching wives!

With that, for me, both husband and wife team should go....

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