Thursday, 7 May 2009

Cloth diaper: which one?

I'm soooo pening!!!! Confused with cloth diapers @ CD...

Ok. So I'm currently doing my research on cloth diapers..Read on the types of cloth diapers available here ie. sold online .. I even read the forum to understand it more..

But I'm getting so pening and confused and arg!!!!!!

Confused that there are so many brands outthere and design too.. Pocket diapers, Fitted diapers,All-in-Ones (AIOs) ...

I hate the idea of buy-first-try-later concept.. From the forum, most of the CD addicts bought so many types of CD.. This meaning investing in hundreds of ringgit 1st until we find the right and comfortable and convenient CD which is just suitable for our baby...

And I'm not that kind of buyer. No matter how cute the CD designs on my baby's bottom, I'm not going to buy every CD there is on the market..

I just want to buy the right one.... Argh!!! I'm in the middle of closing the April's account...And I'm 25th weeks pregnant... And there are so many other things that I need to sort it out and get and buy before my 2nd baby pops out early August!!!!

Let there be light at the end of my CD tunnel!!! Amin...

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SOHO Mama said...

I've been down that tunnel, twice..fortunately the light at the end was brighter during my "second trip"..

At first I liked Pocket Diapers and I started with Drybees (sized). However, why don't u try one-sized diapers that can fit your baby longer.

Pocket Diaper:
1) Rumparooz G2 (can fit from newborn whereas most diapers can't).
2) BumGenius 3.0
3) Bluberry Minky (basically love the minky prints!)

Then I liked Fitted Diapers more. My fave:
1) BabyBeeHinds Bamboo One-Size

Fave diaper cover:
1) BabyBeeHinds PUL Cover (I have one fleece soaker but havent tried wool yet. PUL cover is basic and simple to use)
2) My Precious Baby By April (MPBBA) PUL cover with fleece inner ( actually I havent tried this yet, have bought one though. They say it's good for nighttime).

NOW I'm a bit lazy with the stuffing of inserts for Pockets and putting on a diaper cover for the Fitteds so I'm loving All-in-Ones:
1) Itti Bitti D'Lish - so trim yet good fit! But this is sized diaper.
2) BabyBeeHinds Magic AIO

Once you get the hang of cloth-diapering then you can be a bit more adventurous and try different brands..hope that helps :)