Thursday, 30 April 2009

The Devil wears Prada

Last night while surfing the net for my pregnancy stuffs, dearest hubby suggested that I watch "the devil wears prada" movie.. I wasn't interested in watching it in the 1st place, thinking that it will be like reading some chick-lit books. Yeah, I don't read that kind of books for simple reason that I never find it appealing nor attractive enough for me to read it.Not that I have not tried to read it before ok..

"it's a good movie dear" . And when my hubby said that, I know that I should watch it..Well, I trust his views as he knows me inside out.. Plus, he is damn good at reading people's body language.

The Devil wears Prada. Surprise surprise! This is a good movie.With a good message too.. "Everybody wants to be us." Of course anyone would just love being in Miranda's or Andrea's shoues..Who wouldn't want when u can have all the designer clothes , bags and shoes that middle to lower class people can only dream off! Chanel,Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein etc..hemmmmm!

But then, being there comes with a price or something that needed sacrifice..Just look at what happened to Miranda's personal life.And Andrea's life too.. Of course each one of us are different people with different view on life principles. But there will always be something that we need to let go. No doubt Miranda has her children and her famous job.But her marriage life?

And for Andrea. When one is at her place where she has be at some company's functions, you are bound not to be able to attend some family or friends gathering/celebration.. But then again, it' s how you play your part in your life that matters.

Of course job is important in life.And so is family & freinds. The bottom line is one should know when to draw the line. When is it for you to make that smartest decisions of having a balance in one's life.

For example, one should try to finish all his/her work on time on that day. The least to do is to finish what u have set out to accomplish on that day. And when u do this, then there will be no reason for u to stay back at office after office hours. Of course it's ok to stay back once a while in a week. But not everyday of the week..

But I always see & hear people staying back at office almost everyday.. And I wonder what happen to their social life.More pitying if they are single ..I wonder when is it do these people meet other single people!

p/s : I just love Meryl Streep's superb act!

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