Friday, 17 April 2009


All things about BPA products is very alarming. I guess that I wasn't that worried nor much affected by it, not since yesterday.

Of course it's easy to be ignorance about it as it's a choice for us to make. But somehow yesterday, I just had to do some research on it to satisfy my curiousity on what BPA is all about.

I did read from wikipedia . But I failed to understand it from that. The explanation on BPA was too high level for me..I need something written in a laymen terms.

Found it here from momslittleones's reading corner . There are two reading materials that focus on BPA which I found easy to understand. After done reading it, I just can't help not to feel so worried and trouble too by this BPA side effects especially for our unborn baby and baby too..

Hard for us to deny that BPA has been around us for 5o years. It is widely use in a making all consumer products ranging from children's toys, resusable drink container , all PVC made products, and very worrisome to parents is plastic baby bottles. Yikes!

And the negative side effects can be from breast cancer, impaired learning and memory, prostate disease & cancer, miscarriage, sperm defects, obesity , diabetics etc...

But among us, who is most at RISK? Our growing children. With that, I'm so busy planning on what to buy and get for my 2nd unborn baby. From the breastpumps, to the bottles, teats and storage milk bags, all will have to be BPA free. Of course these BPA-free products is expensive than the normal one , but we can always minimize the cost by making a good buying plans.

So currently there are so many things going inside my mind. Thank goodness that there are many BPA-free baby products outthere. But the bottom lines will be my baby's products preference. We all know that babies are not alike. What suits ones baby may not suits another baby. And I hate to be making fruitless and wasteless decisions once I make the purchases.. See how mind boggling this things is for expecting mommy like me!

Back to the research findings from the reading corner, they clearly stated brands that is BPA leaching in baby's bottles. Most of these wellknown brands has come up with it's own line of BPA-free baby products in the market thesedays.

But to see those wellknown brands definitely give a strong impact on the mindset of mothers outthere. This will effect the purchasing power that mothers have when buying baby products. Even I was affected by it!

Prior to reading those articles, I thought I could still use all the normal bottles , teats and milk bags. Why? Because the BPA leaching is due to simulated use—dishwashing,brushing, and boiling. And I thought I could simply follow the basic rules of changing bottles and teats ever 3 months. But then, the total cost of using these normal products is actually the same as buying the BPA-free products. And for the sake of our children future, I dare not to take risk.

One thing about being a parent is that we try so hard to give only the best for our children. No doubt that some of us are not financially strong . But that do not deter us from trying to give the best that we can do for our children. I've seen some parents who are just low paid workers. But their actions in being not stingy on food for the children is something that I salute them.. We all know that fish & seafood are expensives. But we can always get it cheap from the wet market expecially if u buy at the early wee hours in the morning.

Thus, BPA free or not, the choice is ours parents!

Oh yeah, do check it out ( the reading materials from momslittleones ) as they got tips on how to avoid this BPA things!

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