Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Benjamin Button

I didn't watch Benjamin Button movie because of Brad Pitt. Not that I'm denying it that he is one of good looking actors that we have.. But I watched his current movie which is still showing at most cinema is because of the story line/plot of the movie..

And Wikepedia gave almost full details of the movie plot which is like what u will see when u are watching it..

I first came across it last month while downloading my Cinema birthday movie coupon. Once done reading the reviews of the film from various websites, I just now it that I really wanna watch this movie.. If and when the times permit us..

And Alhamdulillah, I got to watch it last Sunday with my dearest hubby when we were back in my home town Seremban. As usual, we watched it at MBO in Terminal Two.. Less people and convienent to get there from parents' house.

No doubt the movie is a long 2 hours and 45 minutes movie.But I doubt they can make it a short one when the story itself requires that long time.

The plot made me think of how if things like that were to happen in our time. How would that person deals with it. Would we too be making the same decision like Benjamin who left his Daisy and baby girl ?

And yeah, tears were flowing down my cheeks during one of the sad parts.. And how touching it is for Daisy to have Benjamin craddled in her arms during that final breath of his. Normally we will be holding our wrinkle and aging loved ones. But in this movie, our aging loved ones is just like a new born baby..

How lucky of Daisy to be near by Benjamin's side before he close his eyes . And how so creative of the director to use the humming bird to simbolize someone's death..

And I'm surprise that dearest hubby enjoyed watching it. Thanks dear for your company!

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