Monday, 28 July 2008

Jada Kyra

When u just have to do something, u really just have to do it straight away.

That was what happened to me last Monday when I got BeskotKeras's sms. She had just given birth to a healthy baby girl the night before. I was doing my work when the sms came through. Surprise surprise, She wasn't supposed to be due last week actually. But then, I guess, Allah knows better than most of us, especially the Doctor.

So I told myself that I have to pay them a visit. And it must be done by that Monday itself. I just can't afford to delay it till weekend as my weekends it so tight up with so many things to do for the new house. Infact I'm still tired today . And now I'm down with a bad sore throat and gonna be down with fever too. No voice for me today either.. ;(

Have I seen beskotkeras before? Yes, from blog & facebook.No , from real life. Jada, your parents are exactly like what i saw from the blog. And they are the same as what I have in my mind. Sorry I didn't kiss u as much as I wanna too. I had so many germs on my hands when I came to see u & your mommy.

It's nice to be able to see someone whom u have been corresponding with via internet. For me, I just had to visit her as I shared a lot of info on pregnancy & breastfeeding with her. In a way that I can't or hard for me to explain, I feel I owe it to myself to visit her when she has safely given birth . And I'm glad I saw her and her one that day.

Talk about gift for new mom & baby, people always tend to give gifts for baby. Of course the newborn baby is the VVIP after that delivery. And I agree with that. But part of me also says that the mother is also the VVIP . And normally , we mommies didn't get much meaningfull & usefull presents. Yeah, it is nice to get flowers. But flowers can't be keep for too long.

So I bought for her some toiletries from M&S , and got the Memory Lane's people to pack it up in a paper bag. Of course I did not forget lil Jada or JK( are u sure r going to call her that ? ) . For her a small teddy bear was packed together in that small paper bag.

For beskotkeras, I just wanna give her something that she can used later. Why this thoughts? well, my hubby's former boss gave me Cr'bT'ee toiletries when I gave birth to Arissa. I know it was his wife's idea. But that gift made me thinking. So many people give presents to Arissa. And I did get my flowers & balloon. But none actually gave me something that I can really use for myself. From that day on , I told myself to give the new mommies meaningful gifts whenever i can.

So beskotkeras, i do hope u like my gifts for u and for lil Jada too.


Delia said...

i know...most presents are for the babies..but the mommies would definitely appreciate if they were given gifts too right? I penah bagi my hub's sedara Jools Oliver's "Minus Nine to One" book for her as her gift for delivering a healthy baby gal and my did she appreciate it! =)

mamasyazmar said...

I understand exactly that and makes it a point to give the mummies a lil something. Hey they're the ones yg was in LABOUR! Usually I get something for the mums to pamper themselves like from Bod*Sho* or C&E.

toughcookie said...

emly dear,
i truly appreciate the gift. in fact, i love them!! especially since you bought the lavender range which is well known for its relaxing properties.

you gave me such a good idea. the next time my friends give birth, i'd definitely do the same... and yes, the teddy is sooo cute. jada would look at the teddy at nappy changes :) i hope that once she's able to grab things, that teddy won't end up in her mouth hehe... but it is washable...

anyways, just for your info, if you're into scents and stuff, harn & thann also have wonderful scents. tapi packaging dia not as beautiful as M&S or C&E or even BS. in the future, just so you know in case you've given your friends the same stuff in the previous birth ;P