Friday, 11 July 2008

When everything is 1st time experience. Young and old.

How to react & feel when not a single person in the wardroom ( except myself) know how to change dirty nappy of a newborn baby? A pity sight tight? That's what I feel on Wednesday nite .

Remember about my entry two days ago where I had to pick up my hubby from KL central? Well, my hubby texted me about his friend R'd who just dapat( sorry, I don't know the best word for this in English ) baby boy . Since we were not far from DSC Hospital, we decided to pay the newly parents a visit.

What a delighted news for me when R'd's wife told me of their plan to breastfeed their baby. U know how I'm into this one hundred percents! Thus, I shared with her my two years experience of breastfeeding my child. I even asked if she had a problem with latching on as this is common for 1st time mothers. Thank God, she had a good latch. With that I reassured her that she had passed the 1st hurdle of making a successfull breastfeeding. I tried to shared as much as I can with her during that short visit.

And yes, I remind her & her hubby to be strong when there will be people who will suggest giving powdered milk to their baby. The nearest attack will be from parents & family.

Soiled nappy? YEah, her MIL & her mother was there in the room. And the hubbies were outside the room. They called the nurse to help them change the dirty nappy. I can't blame them much as this is the 1st granchild for her MIL. As for her mother, maybe this was also her 1st expereince as R'd's wife is the only daughter in her family. Thus, it is expected neither all of them know how to handle a baby. In fact they were surprised when I told them the baby could be crying because of hunger. I put my cleaned & washed finger which I did before touching the baby into his mouth. Boy, was he hungry as he sucked my finger.

Before we left the hospital, me especially , advised R'd to be his wife number one supporter in breastfeeding. Actually I told him so many things also from what to do if his wife expereince engorgement, the benefits of breastmilk, the hiddened benefits of night feeding, milk production and so on.. When it's time to go, I told him to ring my hubby as he too knows most of these things and other things too about baby care & breastfeeding.

I hope things will go out smoothly for them.. Amin.

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