Wednesday, 30 July 2008

An entry for Syafiah Arissa

This entry is specially for u sayang..

So what’s up in the world of Syafiah Arissa thesedays?

One: Your favourite aunty is definitely your Mak Lang Sonia. No doubt she is our new family member but u have taken a great fondness of her in a very short period, dear. She will be the one to feed u food whenever we are back balik kampong in Seremban. You will insist that only her to feed u on any meal. If she is not around, then u will want Kak Siti to feed u. And what happen to your bibik Wati? Suddenly she is not your best buddy whenever we are in Seremban.

Two: Last night I scolded you for playing with the lip gloss that I bought especially for u. I’ve told you to keep it back inside my handbag. But u didn’t as u were so excited to show it to your bibik. So what happen next? U scolded me for scolding you! U had your jari telunjuk kanan pointing at me with your left hand resting at your waist! How am I not to hold my laugh.. I quickly retrieved my laugh in a split second. Sayang! Sayang! How easily for u to imitate us. I know that I used to do that with u.. And I’m trying to lessen it down and also all the other bad habits that I have. ;)

Me : Why are u angry at me?
Arissa : I’m angry because Mama naughty.
Me : Why do u say that mama is naughty?
Arissa : Because u scold me. ( airmata meleleh ni)
Me : Do u know why I scold u, Sayang?
Arissa : ( keeping quiet )
Me : I am angry at you because u were playing with the lipgloss. I don’t want it to be broken. We can’t use the lipgloss dear if it’s broken. U wouldn’t like it if its get broken , wouldn’t u?
Arissa : Yes.

Three: Sharing is caring! Your baba & mama understand that kids around your age doesn’t understand much about the sharing concept. Thus, that is why we are using that tag line with u sayang. Do u know who said it to you ? Its your Kak Shira. Somehow this tag line works with u . When u want something for example a certain food that is not good for u, you will utter this tagline. So smart of u sayang! And we will let u get a small bite .

That all for this entry Sayang. Mama will post more entry next time k..

My pray for you, may u be anak yg soleha, sihat walafiat, baik budi pekerti & bijak . Amin.

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