Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Sekolah Menengah Convent Seremban

One of my exclassmates from 3 Opal pasted this precious photo in Facebook. How it brings back loads of memories. How Shila can remember all the girls' full name. Amazing! Most of us are happily married with at least one child.One of us is a single mother . And one of us is no longer here with us.
I used to think what happen to most of my Convent girlfriends. There are a few of them that I still keep intouch now and then. But to those that seems so farfetch and out of reached, my heart misses them so much. At one point of my life, I dreamt one of my girlfriend when I was pregnant with my 1st child. I don't know why I wanted to see her so bad. It could be because her last address was in Bukit Damansara which is just here in KL la. I did try to look for her house with my hubby way back before Arissa was born. But somehow we didn't find it.. Funny how that area is not that big and yet we couldn't find it.. I even try searching for her in the world wide web. But no luck too. Now, I'm lazy to try to look for her again.
Another friend of mine that I managed to find via WWW doesn't want to be contacted.Ouch! I have a few of my closest friends that just want to be left alone. Hubby told me to ignore them and respect their wishes. Of course I'm hurt and angry with them.But I slowly learn to let them go. Life is too short for all these silly unimportant things. You see, I have a very good skill at ignoring things. Swept them under the carpet. Yeps! But from him also I learnt how to differentiate things that is suitable to be swept under the carpet.
Until today, I still have this hope to bump into my old school friends. Friends that I have lost contact with. But still luck wasn't on my side. Why can't I bump into them when I used the LRT or at any shopping complexes be it in KL or Seremban? Where did they all go?
I hope there will be a another school reunion. Not many of us made it to the 1st reunion held at Alson Klana Seremban couple of years back..


Dot.Dot said...

Me to hoping to bump into my old friends. Altho they live around here still no luck...

I just hope i don't bump into any of my ex bf.. huhuh!! Not yet.. wait until i get back my slimmer figure.

emly2175 said...

Can a guy easily remember his old GF? Your ex-bf must be a metrosexual man..

KONG said...

EH dulu I SRK COnvent. But only up till Form 1Opal kat SMK COnvent. Lepas tu change school. Macam ada gambar si Anita. You birth year tahun brp ekk?

KONG said...
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