Thursday, 12 June 2008

Prevention is better than cure

Today I had lunch at Istana Budaya. The same familiar things happened there while me & my collegues were eating our food.

On the next table near to ours, sat one young couple with small toddler that could be 1 year old. They had finished eating their meals. Then the father got up to get some dessert and queued up to pay. Suddenly the mother got up, walked to her husband, leaving the child alone in highchair. Maybe the father was short of cash to pay. Me and my girlfriend looked in disbelieve when we saw the child unattended. Mind u, the mother left the child twice.

This act of irresponsible parents just irk me to my bones. It is so hard to swallow that these parents who claim that they really love their children yet who are also toying with their children safety. The child that I mentioned earlier could have easily fall from his highchair. One fallen, he could easily have brain haemorrhage.

We often sees fathers happily smoking infront of their children. It doesn’t matter if the child is a baby or kid . I beg to differ that these parents doesn’t know the bad impact of the cigarettes smokes on their children and people around them. We had enough information on the side effects of these smokes being displayed right under our own nose. Thus, why do these fathers still smoke in front of their kids?

We also have read in the newspapers of how one child got scalded. It’s a known fact that kitchen is a red zone for toddlers. Yet, some parents are happily allowing their children do play in the kitchen or enter the kitchen when they are cooking. I do know they are some mothers out there who have no maid to help them cooking. But we can always leave our kids to play in a safe place that is not far from our sight.

Another annoying habit is children on the moving escalator. We often see those cute hands playing with the moving handrail. And the parents just look at these things maybe thinking it’s a harmless act. Don’t they know that the clothes can get stuck and suck with the moving escalator? What if it was those cute little hands? Yikes!

It’s sad feelings when children get injured due to their parents own selfish behaviors. Until to day I still don’t understand why those circumstances above keep on happening. Aren’t we the entrusted guardians to our children?

I see some generalize thinking out there on how we embrace parenthood. Most parents just put their feet into that parents’ shoes without adding or improving their parenting knowledge. Most of us have zero parenting knowledge. Who says we are born with parenting skills. But that shouldn’t stop us from enriching ourselves with parenting skills. It should have clicked to our minds to have it enriched when our spouse is pregnant.

Have u heard these phrase “ Just go with the flow.” ? I guess that is what most parents out there are doing. If not, those avoidable accidents won’t be in the news. These accidents can be avoided easily. It’s not about raising our children in a rigid way. It’s more about raising them up in a healthy and safely environment. Sometimes it pays to be extra careful when dealing with our children surrounding. All we need is some rational thinking rather than a complacent one. At the end of the day, it is our own fault to be blame when these accidents happened as it is us who put our children life on a pedestal. Its easy to prevent things from happening that curing it once it happened.

By the way, the food at Istana Budaya café is so delicious. From the main dish to the kuih muih and the drinks. The teh-ais is just rightly prepared. Do go there if u can and when u want to eat masakan kampong. Price is reasonable.


Dot.Dot said...

The kitchen is a big no no for my babies esp when someone is cooking. Its so dangerous.

But when they are bigger, will definately teach them to wash their own plate, do little bit of easy cooking. I dont want them to be those type men who are so lazy to wash their own dirty plate.

emly2175 said...

dot:mcm ni ramai la yg berkenan nak jadi besan dgn u nanti!

toughcookie said...

darling, i so agree with you on this. ramai yang ignorant.

i always tell my the one that when we have little kids, we should not even let our eyes wander for more than 2 seconds!! not even 2 seconds... cos there's no telling what'll happen.

having a child is one big responsibility that many fail to see.

emly2175 said...

Juan: being outside with kids is not that safe anymore..we parents kena jadi mcm eagle pulak.. dok peratikan anak setiap masa..