Monday, 2 June 2008

Indiana Jones

Honestly speaking, I never thought that i will have a great weekend last week. Sometimes, we can never tell what will be instore for us even when we have made plans.
My hubby & I made plans to watch Indiana Jones last Saturday. And I succesfully booked the tickets. So there we were on friday feeling happy and looking forward to watch the movie at Seremban2. But that happiness wasn't long for after I got a phone call from my dad. They got a wedding invitation from a dear friend . And the reception will be in Tropicana. So, Ayah asked for my help as he is clueless on how to get there. And knowing my dad, I know he will get lost even I have given them enough info. Plus, none of my 3 siblings were free to drive them there.
Thus, the movie date got cancelled. Of course hubby was feeling frustrated at first. But then, we just looked on the positive side of things. And make do with what we have.
If I didn't send them to tropicana, I wouldn't have had a chance to eat at Uptown again. So, there were we enjoying ourselves eating at the same placewhere we used to go during our coupling years. Emmmm! Tony's kuehtiaw still taste the same. And the tauhubakar. And the cendol. And Sulaiman's Limau Asamboi Ice Special! I dont think u can get that drink from any other stall. It's really a pick-me-up & refreshing drink.
So there was I & hubby. Eating & talking & eating & talking. How I feel like we were still dating each other. Going there after office hours.
The crowd over there changed a bit. Maybe because it was school holidays. Thus lotsa moms&daddies with their kids. Looking at the crowd made me think, do any of the peoples from my dating times have ever come back to this place again?
The next morning, me & hubby went to watch movie at Seremban2. Yeah, I left Arissa to play with her cousins. Somehow I managed to book Narnia's movie ticket even though it was 2 hours before movie time. But then again, something good was instore for us again.
Alhamdulillah. Hubby managed to buy the Indiana Jones's tickets. Luck was definitely on our side. The cinema operator had just opened a new hall for I.J. when hubby asked for any available seats.
Looking back at yesterday , I'm just so happy with how things turned for us. Not only did i get to help my parents, but me&hubby got to watch I.J. Oh, yes! our dinner at Uptown too.


Dot.Dot said...

Good for you.
I believe in karma. If You do good deeds, you will definately get something in return.

How was the movie?i bet it is as good as previous IJ. I miss you Harrison Ford! huhu

emly2175 said...

dot: The movie was best la.. U have to see it dear!

toughcookie said...

like they say, semua yang berlaku ada hikmahnya. it's great how understanding your hubby was...

emly2175 said...

Juan: lucky me! ;)