Wednesday, 4 June 2008

A test on Love & Marriage

Yesterday I visited my friend's husband who was in ICU at Ampang Puteri. I had to go that evening after work as I just dont feel good about it. So many of my friends during my university years had come during the weekend. And constant emails about my friend's husband just bugged me later that evening. Thus, I told myself that I had to pay her a visit. Besides, my office is in the same area and even my house too is not that far from the hospital.

Alhamdulillah. Pak Wan's ( my husband's friend) condition has improved since last Thursday. He can open up his eyes. But what lies instore after this is truely a test of love & marriage for my dear friend Suzy. A test of Allah for the more than 10 years of marriage.

Imagine having to teach our soulmates how to chew food, how to talk, how to grasp & hold things, how to walk and write. Imagine that your physically-able hubby is now like a newborn baby to you. And the food that he can take now is EnfaGrow.Berat mata yang memandang. Berat lagi mata yang memikul.

Alhamdulillah, Suzy is still the same person that I have always known. We may not be that close but still we share the same circle of friends. For that, I felt the need to come & give her moral support. With this test from Him, she is still that strong person. I saw that in the way she hold her husband's hand and in the words she said to him. U can catch a smile from her face now and then. And that was at the ICU and just a few days of recovery.

As I was driving back home from the hospital, my mind start thinking about Suzy & Pak Wan. This is really a test from Allah. A test of how strong their love is for each other. Earlier their marriage have been tested ( and still I think) with no sign of children for them yet. And now another test from Him.

We all had & have been tested from Him in so many forms. It can be in the form of no children for us yet. It can be in the form of how our hubby is being wooed by another woman.Be it a pretty woman or not. It can be in the form of having busybody inlaws. Or be it in the form of our breadwinner losing his work.

All of this is just to test how strong is our marriage love-bond. Do we split our ways when things get tough? Or do we stay together to face what-come-may till death do us part?


Dot.Dot said...

Pray that her husband will recover soon.

Test of love. There are many types of test. Test "other woman" yang ku tak sanggup.

emly2175 said...

dot: i too hate that kinda test..