Tuesday, 14 June 2011

His Morning sickness

Two months back hubby was complaining about his late night hunger that was making him feel fat ..I told him that it could be because i am pregnant.

And since last month, he started to feel nausea and somtimes wanting to vomit...And I told him  the same reason that I told him two months back..

If you asked me if all these are true, well, honestly I really dont know for sure..Could he really be having my morning sickness eventhough i was into my 2nd trisemester?

But i did share with him  the story that happened to a guy who was working next door to my office. That guy was feeling nausea & vomiting  when his wife was pregnant... And when i asked other ladies in my office building on this syndrome, they said that it had happened before to some guys whose wives were pregnant...

So, this syndrome can be true I think...Anyway, I feel pity for my hubby ...hehehheh

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