Wednesday, 14 July 2010


When death came knocking on someone else's life, why is it that you will start  to feel fear of losing someone dear and closed you ?

Last week, Zai's mother passed away after completing her subuh prayer. She passed away in  simple and peacefull way . And how touching it is to know that she passed away after meeting her creator . I always think that solat/prayer are actually one's special meetings or  visits  to Allah, which is true if one thought of it that way.

And receiving an email from Zai with her profound advice for  us to cherish and appreciate our mother and to call them as often as we can, is just so true.

I guess all of us  have the thoughts of our parents at the back of our mind now and then. And we always have that thoughts of calling them. But  now and then, that thoughts were never able to materialise as by the time we have free time on our hands to do it, those thoughts are already been forgottened.

And when death come knocking into our life, then only do we regret of not doing it in the first place. And that includes me too...