Monday, 12 July 2010

Maybe because I’m old…

Every time she is here for attending company’s courses or balik kampong, I will try to make myself available ie have lunch or have a short meet up with her who is my ex-roommate at university cum one of my closest friends too.

So she was here two days ago. We meet up over lunch at KLCC. We ate, talk, drink, ate, drink, talk and laught and sigh too over what life have happened to people around us. People that we know since university days. I have to admit that I made the right decision to see her.

Wanna know why? Because occasion /things like this are actually like a stress reliever and also like that get away vacation for the tired and mundane and routine one’s daily life. It’s like taking a short break from our daily life . And these breaks allow us to step back and look and ponder and think and analyse of what had happened inside and around our life.

There were sad stories and happy stories too. When I hear the sad stories like unsuccessful & unhappily-ever-after marriage & not till-death-do-us-part, it made me think of what actually had happened in those stories. I mean with what went wrong that their life stories has to end in a sad note.

One thing for sure, having a life partner who was your BF/GF during your uni days does not guarantee to eternal happy marriage. When love dies, so is the marriage. And the saddest part is when it is the children who have the heavy price for this broken marriage.

On a different note, another friend should have been there with us during our lunch. But she couldn’t come due to time constraint. I would have love to meet up with this friend of ours. And I was sad that she couldn’t join us. If things like this 5 years back, I would have been so upset and disappointed. But not now anymore. I guess these are petty issues to me right now. Why tied myself to something that is not happy and unproductive and useful.

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