Monday, 16 August 2010

Cendawan Kuko & Kulat sisir

Cendawan Kuko or kulat sisir .  I never thought I will come across this recipe on internet. Not that i was searching for it. Bumped into it accidently  actually. I was searching for ayam goreng berempah recipe  & found it. But this dish just reminds me of my mom who is away now  performing umrah with my dad.

How I miss my mom's cooking especially this special dish. What makes it special is the main ingredient which is the cendawan kuko . This special type of mushroom is something that you can't get it easily from the market. And not all market except pasar tani have it. And the availability is muchly depending on the season or the weather.

And cleaning it up prior cooking is quite detail. For u may find some ulat nanti..heheheh..

Normally my mom will cook it in the gulai lemak cili api style  add with anchovies only. 

Gosh!!!! i miss my mom.And her cooking too..

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