Monday, 26 September 2011

36th/37th Week & Engaged

Yup..We are in engaged position and THE HOSPITAL BAG  is ready & are in my car now..

Went for my weekly  maternity check-up last Thursday. Got a shock when my gynea delivered the latest result of my baby's position.. Engaged!!

I am in 35th/36th weeks and baby is engaged already.. And from what my gynea said, labour is possible within these next  2 weeks..

On my way home from hospital, so many things crossed my mind all of a sudden. I have so many ( actually a few ) stuffs to settle ...
  1. The hospital bag is not ready..
  2. The 2nd batch of newborn/0-3 months old clothes need to be collected from my sister ASAP.
  3. My work need to be settled for whatever is outstanding. And i neeed to clean up my pc ...
  4. The kids wardrobe chest of drawers need to rearrange to make way for the baby's clothes.
  5. The baby bath tub needs to be cleaned.
  6. My room needs to be cleaned & vacuumed..Thank goodness I have cleaned the windows of my bedroom 2 weeks ago..Yep, I cleaned it myself on the day hubby left for Jakarta..
  7. Food stock for the house need to restocked. For me during my confinement period & kids too
  8. Cat's food & litter sand need to be restocked..

So today, I am happy & relieved that most of the items up there are settled.. Alhamdulillah..

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