Wednesday, 29 May 2013

coz i am a mother n wife

Its 12.25 pm  and my 3 lovelies are past asleep. And i am just done with cooking tomorrow breakfast. A simple mee hoon goreng or mee goreng lekat like what my eldest called it.

I was about to called it a night when this face of my other half came to my mind. Something in the what was painted across his face that made me think that it was best if I cooked the tomorrow breakfast tonight.

This thing about cooking the night before is something normal to me even when I was a working mom back in my old days in KL.

We mothers really put our lovelies' needs first and foremost.

Sometimes it does cross my mind if my children will remember me for the little things and unnoticed things that I do for them.Well its easier and  honestly that we human easy to remember the ugly thinngs that others did to us. Dont we?

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