Monday, 11 October 2010

Friends' wedding cum renunion

How nice to see all of them here at the wedding!

That was what running in my head at that moment. To see them hugging each others, the non stop chattering and those beaming happy faces were just priceless.

It's good when people especially your friends make an effort to come either to your wedding or to any gatherings and reunions. More meaningful when you have not seen each other ever since from that graduation day. Of course some of them may have been in touch via sms, emails & phones. But to have and seen all of your friends in flesh is truly wonderful.

So we were at my hubby's ex-uni friend’s wedding last Saturday. The wedding was done at one of the hotels in Jalan Ampang. It never crossed my mind that it would be a small posh wedding with only selected people being invited. I thought it was going to be some big fat Chinese wedding reception.

Since it was not an eight course wedding dinner, that night food was simply delicious ... Imagine having a palate of dessert like tiramisu, green tea ice cream, choc cake and another sweet dessert( that i dont know what to call it )..

Speaking about the selected guests, those seated at our table were the groom's university friends. I have to admit that I don't feel much at ease when being surrounded by an elite group of people. Those sharing our table (except us & another couple) are born with a silver spoon. All except two people were funded by their family to study at LSE.

To hear them speaking with an accent, hem..... However, I was surprised when some of them suddenly looked so kg ( kampung) when they talked in malay...hahahahh... I had a shock, mind you..Ye la, these people had it easy even after graduations.

But I have to say some of my hubby’s friends are beautiful inside too. Like the humble groom himself. And another friend who he has known since baby lagi… and another friend who is doing well too after graduation. To look at that last person and at my own hubby too, I’m just proud with what these 2 guys have achieved so far with life .Ye la bila nak compare dgn kawan2 mereka yg rich kids too…heheheheh

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