Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Old Care Home

Some two weeks ago on my way to work, i heard on the radio about old parents being left & taken care at old folks home or rumah jagaan org tua...The saddest part was that they were abandon or neglected by their selfish children who does not want to take care of them . One simple reason that even me got to think of was how burdensome to take care of them... A reason that I simply can not accept. Can you?

And yes, I feel angry too to those selfish children who left their old parents at old folks home and did not even bother to come and visit them regularly .

But another part of me got me to think of the main reason that drives these people to do it in the first place. I don’t think all of us can just simply commit to an act just like that overnight. Something might have played a factor in it...

Suddenly all i can think of is upbringing. How each of us is brought up by our parents since the day one of our lives.

Imagine if we are brought up in family full of love and attention. This has to start from the day we are born. And throughout the entire course of our life from baby to toddler to teenager to adulthood, our parents were always there in our live. Always guiding us in a loving way , teaching us to be a good human being that know what is right and wrong.

I guess if all parents are like that, then maybe we would not see this syndrome of leaving parents at old folks home happening.

When there is not much love and strong feelings between parents and children, anything can come in between that relationship. There is this malay pepatah that says water is thicker than blood ( air dicincang takkan putus) which easily describe how family ties is like blood . No matter how many thousand times it you fight or quarrel with your family, in the end, the ties will always be reconnected.

But in order the ties to be strongly attached, love plays an important part in it. And if from the day one of our lives, we don’t feel loved by our parents , then how on earth for the ties to be strongly bonded.

So looking back on the main reason that may have been the factor on why these children left their old parents at old folks home , lack of love could be the answer.

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