Monday, 31 January 2011

Scones & Muffins

It all started with me getting clueless on what to prepare for breakfast. The breakfast menu needed to be revamped or given more live too. It has always been either nasi goreng or mee/mee hoon goreng, or home recipe pancakes, or roti boom, or bread & jam or half boiled eggs or cereals or baked pasta or quick quiche.

Thus I googled la. Scones? Muffins?

And that what got me started baking scones & muffins. As a matter of fact I am quite amazed that I baked it. This is because; I have never eaten a scone in my entire life even though I always go to CBTL, SF or Starbucks. In fact, I don’t know what to use as my point of reference for my baked scones. It would be different if I have tasted it before.

The funny part to confirm if my baked scones were a success comes from my dearest hubby’s comment. He commented that my baked scones were a bit dry. I don’t think it was dry as I found the middle area of the scones a bit soft. However, his review contradicted with his action when he ate a lot of it. So which is which this time? Anyway, my chocolate chip scones were a hit with Arissa.

Nevertheless, I baked another version of scones using the same recipe. This time it was cheese scones. Guess who requested for this 2nd one? Well, dearest hubby la..And Arissa too as she wanted to bring it to school.

Muffins! I am sure others have baked this numerous times than me. And some will say that it gets easier these days to bake one with those pre-packed muffins recipes which you only need to add in water, cooking oil & eggs.

But I hate that version. Even though I am not a super duper cooked or baker, I still prefer the old way of doing it. I don’t mind preparing & measuring all the ingredients. I used to think how hard & difficult it is to mix the butter and flour with your hands so that it turned into something like breadcrumbs. See how amateur I am that I don’t even know what’s the name of this process!.

Difficult no more as I watched it at you tube. It helps a lot to see other doing it. At least I know what to expect & watch out for. And I normally baked & cooked my breakfast the night before. A hassle? Not when I am doing it for my loved ones! In fact , the maid is there to help me to clean up. Easier isn’t it.

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