Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The Three Ladies in My Live

Who welcomes you back home after a long day at work everyday?

In my case it definitely will be my MIL, my 5 year old girl( come August 15th , 2011 she will be 6 years old ) and my  18 months old baby girl. And no matter how tired I am  feeling or  how I'm in no mood to chit chat long, I just know that I have to layan them.  By this I'm not implying negative meanings for I know talking to them is something I have to do each time  i come back from work.

Why? Because if I were in their shoes, I too would be like them. Imagine being at home for the whole day eventhough my MIL do sometimes go out with her ever loyal kaki-jalan cum cousin and that my eldest daughter goes to school in the morning. But  who will they get to talk about things that happened to them during the day when  me & hubby are out working ?None right.

Which is why i said earlier that i owe it to them to be that listening partner. And one thing that I notice is that how happy they are  whenever i show interest in them..Actually most of the time, i don't need to be the 1st person to initiate it.

So I will be hearing shouts of my names from my two lovely girls the minute I stand in front of our house gate waiting for them to open it for me. Or I hear it the when they see me walking towards them who will be standing in front of the gate while their granny is busy tending to her cactus.

And yes Aisyah can say mama! and with other words too!

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